How to get your kid to read

National Library Singapore is holding a massive Book Exchange that lasts till 27 April. One could simply drop off a book and receive a coupon to exchange for another book on the final day of the event, 28 April. This event could be seen as a large step towards reigniting the passion of reading in the younger generation. But will it succeed?

It’s becoming increasingly tough to read amidst all the distractions today. Why would your child spend his night reading an adventure tale, when he could be on his playstation, living out the same adventure? Is it possible, then, to find out how to get kids to read?

Parents must realize that while video games and television stimulate a child’s mind, they have a host of detriments that come along with prolonged time spent on each. But that’s for another article. On the other hand, reading has proven to be a time old beneficial past time for not only adults, but especially the young ones. It is ultimately up to the parents to create or even revive a joy for reading.

Benefits of reading

A key benefit of reading is the development of basic speech skills. When you encourage your toddler to read aloud Dr Seuss’  One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, your child is practicing his enunciation skills. Even ‘pretend reading’ – when a toddler thumbs through a book with squeals of delight – it’s a noted important pre-literacy activity.

Reading has also been shown to allow kids to reach a higher aptitude for learning in general. Studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in all areas of formal education.

Creativity is something that people always crave, whether in school or at work. The best way to boost creativity is to expose your child to books at an early age. Books contain tons of new ideas and information and ultimately filters innovation into your child’s thinking process.

Get your kids to read

Here are some key tips to get your kid back into reading.

1. Read with your child

If you have a young child, spend some time to sit beside him and read a bedtime story. Not only will that spark an interest in books, but it will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

2. Get interested in a genre

Fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, etc. Get your child into a genre of books. Once he finds a favourite, he’ll be devouring books in no time. This is definitely a great method on how to get kids to read.

3. Bring them to the library

A wonderful thing about Singapore is that there is a library near most neighborhoods. Take a Saturday afternoon and bring your kids down to the library to explore and revel in the shelves of books. Let them borrow a few too.

4. Be a good example

When your kids read, you read as well. Kids love to follow their parents so your reading at home is the best form of encouragement there is.

5. Pick books for his age

A common complaint from kids is that there never are any books that really interest them. Parents, take a long at book reviews and top 10 lists. Find out what’s popular for in your kids age group. If your son likes dragons, warriors and elves, get him something bestselling in the fantasy section.

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