How to Make a Piñata

Piñata’s are a great addition to any child’s party. The provide both a game and treats in one. And of course all of us parents just love to see the kids stumble around trying to hit it. But they can become quite expensive. So if you are looking to add this game to your child’s party, then get together with your child and make one. It will be a great experience for both of you and help your child to feel useful. Not to mention will make your child’s party a hit and not break your wallet. Every little bit of time you can spend with your child helps to make memories more special. Sometimes it is the little things that children will remember the most.

Making a simple pinata is quite easy. All you need is flour, water, balloons Newspaper and an empty paper towel roll.

1. Insert the paper towel roll into the end of the balloon. Fill the balloon with candy and small toys till you can not fit anymore. Remove the paper towel roll, inflate the balloon and tie the end.

2. Next you are going to want to mix up the flour and water till it resembles a paste like substance.

3. Tear the newspaper into strips about 1″ wide and dip them into the paste until the whole strip is covered. You will want to place the strips all around the balloon until it is completely covered. You do not want any of that candy falling out to soon.

4. Apply one layer and let it dry overnight.

5. If after drying all night your pinata feels weak then repeat steps 2&3 for another layer.

6. When you are done letting the pinata completely dry you can decorate it anyway you like.

You can use poster board rolled into a funnel and taped to the balloon shape to make a star. Tape the funnel shapes to the round pinata. Just remember to apply another coat of paste covered newspaper strips over the poster board to help keep it attached to the pinata. After the whole thing is dry you can attach the tissue paper in rows all over the pinata. Just remember to pop the balloon with a pin before you hang it up.

This is for a simple pinata shape. You can use card board boxes, poster board and tissue paper to make all different kinds of shapes. All you need to do is build onto the round one to get your desired shape. The possibilities are endless. There are so many different ways to make all sorts of shapes.

Let your child use their imagination in helping to shape and decorate the pinata. This will be a really good craft for you and your kids to do. Parents need to take every chance possible to spend time with their kids because before you know it they will be grown up and moved out. And you will look back and wonder where all those years went and what do you do now.

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