Immerse your kids in the magic of bubbles

The Bubble Legendary show is in Singapore until Sunday. Bubbles, lazers, lights…and more bubbles provide you and your kids with a truly memorable experience. This family show is 90 minutes of colorful fun that will make your jaws drop and eyes pop. But hurry –¬†it’s nearly over!

‘Oooh’ ‘wooow’ ‘ohhhh!’

These are just some of the frequent exclamations made by the mesmerized kids (and parents too) at The Bubble Legendary show at Resorts World Sentosa last night.
Bubble Legendary Show

The Bubble Legendary Show

It was true bubble spectacular, that involved some lucky audience members too. Over 90 minutes, creator Fan Yang and his son Denti, provide the audience with some stunning bubble tricks. Fan is a self proclaimed bubble scientists and artist. His bubbling talent has also earned him 18 Guinness World Records! By our reckoning, he’s also a bit of a magician too.

The fun doesn’t stop at just bubbles. The audience are treated to astonishing light and lazer shows too. The 90 minute performance builds up and up, before ending in something truly spectacular, which combines everything together. We’ll leave this surprise for you and your kids to find out for yourselves…

This is not one to be missed. The Legend Bubble Show is at Resorts World – Festival Grand Sentosa and ends Sunday, June 9. You’ll never look at bubbles the same again!

More information about the show and to book a ticket.

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