InterContinental Singapore’s Planet Trekkers menu for kids!

planet trekkers

A dinner party just for kids!

Mums and dads, have you ever stayed at a hotel and just wished they had an amazing menu for kids? It would make your experience of the hotel so much more enjoyable knowing that your kids’ meals were taken care of, right?

What would be even better is if the kids’ meals were not just delicious, but also healthy. Does this sound too good to be true?

Not really — especially with the new Planet Trekkers menu created specifically for kids, which was recently launched by InterContinental Singapore!

InterContinental Singapore decided to celebrate their launch of the Planet Trekkers menu by throwing a dinner party for some very important guests — children! I was delighted to be able to take my 4-year-old son to this event.

planet trekkers

The delightful decor at the Planet Trekkers dinner party

Introducing Intercontinental Singapore’s Planet Trekker menu!

When a menu — the Planet Trekkers menu to be exact — is the result of the collaboration between Annabel Karmel and Michelin-starred chef  Theo Randall, you know it must be good… and amazingly child-friendly too!

Annabel Karmel is a household name among most mums who aim to provide delicious yet healthy meals for kids of all ages. Annabel is also an international bestselling kids’ cookbook author and child food expert/nutritionist.

Phil Broad, Vice President, Food and Beverage, IHG, AMEA,  speaking at the event, said:

“One of the most exciting things about this new children’s menu is that the dishes were created with the help of a special children’s tasting panel, in order to provide options that will appeal to a variety of developing palates and tastes. 

“Presentation, portion size and healthy eating are key to the menu and it has been very exciting to see how well received the new menu has been by both the children and parents. We know that it will inspire and create a brand new generation of foodies.”

planet trekkers

Table décor at the dinner party, good enough to eat — literally!

The menu

Each item on the Planet Trekkers menu has been designed with nutrition at its core.

This was evident in the range of items that were up for tasting at the dinner party — everything looked and tasted fresh and delicious, and was proof that food can be both appetizing to kids and nutritionally balanced at the same time.

planet trekkers

The beautifully presented food

Given that more than half a million kids visit the 181 InterContinental Hotels and Resorts every year, the new Planet Trekkers menu provides kids with the opportunity to eat tasty and healthy meals wherever they are in the world.

With the all-new Planet Trekkers menu, parents can rest assured that the nutritional needs of their kids are being met, even though they might be travelling and far away from home.

planet trekkers

Your kids won’t be able to resist this Smiley Tomato Soup!

Kids at the Planet Trekkers dinner party got to sample some of the items on this amazing menu, including:

  • Brocolli Sweet Corn Fritters
  • Smiley Tomato Soup
  • Wok and Roll Pad Thai
  • Spaghetti Bolognese with Hide and Seek Vegetables
  • Chinese Fried Rice and Chicken
  • Iced Watermelon Popsicles
  • Lychee Frogurt
  • Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae
planet trekkers

The Chinese Fried Rice was a hit among kids!

My son loved the Chinese Fried Rice and Chicken (actually, I did too!). Being an egg-lover, he was immediately attracted to this dish because of the egg garnish on top!

Parents were lucky enough to sample the treats on offer too, and I must say the fried rice was delicious. It was not at all greasy as fried rice often can be, and was still full of that yummy Chinese fried rice flavor that we all love.

planet trekkers

Spaghetti Bolognese with Hide and Seek Vegetables: Your kid will never know he’s just eaten a healthy dose of veggies!

The Spaghetti Bolognese with Hide and Seek Vegetables was another hot favourite.

The sauce was rich, velvety and bursting with the full-bodied flavour of ripe tomatoes and beef. The best thing about this dish is all the ‘hidden’ veggies it contains — perfect for fussy eaters!

veg and dip

Crunchy Veggies and Hummus Dip — Just look at the beautiful presentation!

Something that really stood out in my opinion was the amazing presentation of every single item that was on offer. You just need to look at the Smiley Tomato Soup or the Crunchy Veggies and Hummus Dip to know that even the fussiest of eaters will most likely be enticed to taste these yummy treats.

planet trekkers

Delightfully delicious mini burgers

The portions were also perfectly sized and just right for little hands to hold on to, such as the mini burgers featured above and the Broccoli Sweet Corn Fritters below.

planet trekkers

Broccoli Sweet Corn Fritters — little mouthfuls of goodness

A party just for kids!

The dinner party itself was beautifully organised, with plenty of activities to keep the little ones occupied — including a photo booth, balloon artist and a magician.

magic show

Kids enjoying the magic show

After tucking into all the delicious savoury food items available, the kids thoroughly enjoyed making their own ice cream and trying out other delectable desserts on offer.

Planet Trekkers

Every little chocolate lover’s dream!

Speaking of dessert… If your kid is not a big fan of fruit, try making these iced watermelon popsicles featured below.

It’s a fun way of getting kids to try some fruit and you could probably do it with a wide variety of other fruits too, such as mango, pineapple or even dragonfruit.

The kids at the dinner party certainly seemed to enjoy these brightly coloured watermelon popsicles!

planet trekkers

Yum! Icy, juicy and nutritious watermelon popsicles — only on the Planet Trekkers Menu!

We often associate kids’ food with being quite bland and tasteless. However, all the items presented at the Planet Trekkers dinner party were full of flavour, showing that the creators of this menu certainly hadn’t compromised on the taste of the food.

Having said this, the flavours certainly were not overwhelming, nor did the food contain rich spices or chili.

frozen yoghurt lychee

Another deliciously healthy sweet treat: Lychee Frogurt!

The new Planet Trekkers menu is now available at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and will be available globally by the end of July 2014. 

In Singapore, this menu is available for room service at InterContinental Singapore, and at the Olive Tree restaurant at InterContinental Singapore.

Parents, why not treat your kids to this amazing food while you take a relaxing family staycation at InterContinental Singapore?

Call 6338 7600 to make a reservation today! 

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