Introduce sewing to your kids


If you want to impart something different unto your child, try getting them involved in a few sewing sessions. Although this may seem a dying and somewhat strange art form to encourage, sewing for kids gives experience and skill that will be something your child will be able to benefit from for the rest of his/her life. The following are some tips that could help you and your child get started on this wonderfully fulfilling journey:

  • Setting an example is one way of encouraging your young child to follow suit. Kids love to mimic their parents and will willingly attempt a sewing session if they see mummy enjoying herself, creating wonderful pieces.
  • Before actually allowing them to handle dangerous objects like needles and scissors, you should take the time to explain its dangers and how these items should be handled. This will help your child understand how these objects should be handled and respect its danger properties. You may have to reinforce the “lessons” on the dangers frequently, to ensure your child is totally aware and careful when handling these items.
  • Fascinate you child by encouraging him/her to thread pasta pieces to make a necklace or bracelet. Other things that can be used for threading purposes would include paper flowers and pieces of colourful straws.
  • Starting your child on simple mending projects, will help them feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when everyone “ooos and ahhs” over the little one’s handiwork. Once your child shows good progress, move him/her onto more challenging projects such as sewing on buttons.
  • The next step should ideally be teaching your child to try sewing consistent size stitching.  A lot of encouragement is needed here, because if the child is not able to be consistent, frustration may set in. Once your child is able to manage a particular size well, then move on to another size. You can eventually give your child pictures or designs he/she can learn to stitch into.
  • Giving your child little projects to sew would be a fun way for him/her to actually experience finishing a project. Making little items such as tote bags, blankets and pillows for their stuffed animals or dolls, drawstring bags to store their toys and other collectables and any other project idea your child may come up with would certainly be exciting.
  • Teaching your child to use the sewing machine will be the invetible task that will come with normal parental concern and trepidation. This particular instrument will definitely have a certain amount of fascination for your child, simply because mummy seems to make it look so simple and exciting. Explaining the dangers of the machine and keeping a very close eye on your child will help to ease your concerns a little. Ensuring that your child understands that the machine should only be used when you are present, is something that should not be taken lightly.

Presenting your child with a toy sewing kit, would certainly create the opportunities for hours of bonding and fun. The sewing skill even if not mastered completely, will still give your child a lifetime skill.

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