Introducing your kids to musicals

When the parents are interested in musicals, it is only expected that they want their child to be fascinated with musicals as well. But how do parents go about this? Are there any rules on how to introduce something to the kids without pressuring them?

Introducing your kids to musicals is actually recommended. This will help them learn to appreciate arts at its finest. When your children had grown to love the musicals, they could even venture out to dancing, playing instruments or enjoying the opera.

How Young is Old Enough?

There really isn’t a specific age as to when to introduce your kids to musicals. There are 3 to 4 year old kids that could sit through an entire show without getting fussy. By observing your child’s behaviour and monitoring his attention span, you should be able to judge for yourself if he is indeed ready to watch musicals. However, the most appropriate age is about 8 to 12 years old.

What to watch?

There are a lot of musical shows being produced today and every one of them would surely be entertaining. However when picking out a specific show, consider the length of the entire stage show as well as the content and themes. Do not pick out musicals that are too long or do not have intermissions.  If it is your child’s first time, choose a particular show that’s only an hour long or less.

Importantly, let your child watch musicals that are age-appropriate so he would not ruin the theatre experience of other individuals watching. Ask around if there is a specific time slot that parents with kids usually watch to ensure that your child will not be the only youngster around.

Concentrate on interests

If your child is interested in ice skating, let him watch a musical show on ice. In case he likes dancing of any sorts, take him to a musical that features superb dance performances. If animals are his passion, choose musicals that showcase animals like the Lion King or Cats.

Preparation is key

If you and your child will be watching a musical that’s based on a movie or book, let your child see the movie or read the book first. This will increase his knowledge on the characters and it would also let you know if he is indeed interested in the topic or theme. You can also rent different musicals on DVD or Blu-ray before actually going to the theatre. If he enjoys a particular one, let him know that you would be taking him to an actual show if he behaves appropriately. When buying a ticket for a musical show, ask the box office if you can get a seat on the aisle or in the balcony. This way, you can easily slip out of the theatre should your son become fussy.

Don’t forget to make theatre night more memorable for your kid by letting him dress up in his most beautiful clothes. Take lots of pictures too.

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