Is your kid ready for preschool?

Well here’s the million dollar question. When are children ready for preschool? Many psychologist have theories on this, but the bottom line boils down to your decision. When do you think your child is ready for preschool. Many kids are ready for preschool long before their parents are ready to let them go. But there are a few good points to preschool especially for single children.

Some basic things to look at when deciding if your child is ready for preschool are: Socialisation- Has your child been around other children? Do they get along easily with other kids? Emotionally – Is your child ready to be away from familiar surroundings?
Physically – Have they been able to meet their developmental milestones easily?
Cognitively – Are they ready for a daily structured routine?

Is your child fairly independent?
Many preschools will want your child to be able to do things on their own, such as potty-trained. They will need to be able to feed themselves and wash their own hands.

How much time has your child spent away from you?
Separation anxiety is a major factor in deciding whether they are ready for school. Many children have never been left with a babysitter or other relative. You may want to take a few months and prepare them for this by letting them stay with family members or hiring a babysitter so you and your partner can have a night out. This can prepare your child for
you not being around. Because even if you do not put them in preschool, at some point in time they will need to be away from you.

How is your child’s concentration and attention span?
Many preschools have arts and crafts for the students to do during the day. Does your child have the concentration to work on these projects by themselves? Many small children have a problem with keeping their attention to the task at hand. This may be an issue you want to try and work on before they attempt preschool. Some preschools will allow you to bring your child in for a day to see how they do. This could really give you a good insight as to whether or not your child is ready.

The final call is yours to make!
The final decision will be up to you, but you can discuss your decision with other people to see what they think. Some good people to start with are family members and your pediatrician. These are people who know your child and can give you insight on how they think your child will react when put into preschool.

Many parents have a hard time letting their children go for that first day of school especially if it is your first child. But in the long run your child will benefit more from being around other kids and not always being under your feet. And you can always take the daytime to relax, catch up on some much neglected reading or just be lazy around the house one day.

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