JLPC encourages entrepreneurship from a young age


Ever found yourself rattling off a whole list of things that schools don’t teach? Joyful Learning Path Centre (JLPC) places an unwavering focus on the life skills that matter, like how to grow a successful idea and how to thrive on creativity and independent thinking. Parents exert copious amounts of time and money on their kids’ education – developing knowledge skills that function only to get their kids through school. The message that fails to get across to parents and in turn, their kids, is the importance of formative life skills that will accompany them throughout the different phases that life has to offer.

Kids should be learning how to weigh their decisions and to not be afraid of failure. Failure should be communicated early on as a stepping stone towards success, instead of a stumbling block that dashes all hopes of any success. Parents should provide a supportive environment for kids to know that it’s okay to fail as long as they come out on the other end with new knowledge gained.

“What I look for in holiday programmes is how much I think my kids will enjoy the activities and whether in having fun learning new skills and new things, they become more confident and creative in their thought process. To me these experiences are priceless as I believe that the love for learning is nurtured best through games and exploration activities. My 12 year old thoroughly enjoyed herself at the JLPC entrepreneurs camp last November. Now my 7 year old girl  who is finally of age to participate  is so looking forward to going to the same camp. I think what is most unique about the JLPC programme is that it allows children of different age groups to come together to learn concepts in a novel and creative way.” – Luana Lim, Mother of 3, ages 13yrs, 7yrs and 6yrs

JLPC - Kids invent

JLPC recognizes both the importance of a nurturing environment as well as the learning opportunities mistakes can hold. Their stable of activities trigger creativity and innovation, which are necessary to developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

“What I liked about the camp was that it encouraged kids to think “out-of-the-box”, challenged them to communicate and collaborate with one another and really helped to strengthen their interpersonal skills. I was also very impressed by the presentation that the boys had to make at the end of the workshop and the enthusiasm they exhibited throughout the 5-days period.” – Wong Meiling, Editor of Universal Scribbles and mother of 2 kids aged 9yrs and 7yrs.

JLPC Young Entrepreneurs June camp

Life skills are a key thrust in all of JLPC’s programmes, with a particular focus on Creativity, Innovation, Teamwork, Collaboration, Thinking out of the box, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Communication and Entrepreneurship. At JLPC, kids are given ample room to explore through self-discovery and independent learning. Their programmes help inspire motivation through healthy competition and personal drive instead of the promise of material rewards. Kids are given the chance to develop and refine their own BIG idea before selling it to “investors”. Talk about prepping them for the real world!

“Christian would come home every day really excited and give me hints about what he was building because it was a secret. I could see the pride he had that he played a part in those inventions. On the reveal day, am always amazed at the kids’ creations. Definitely a thumbs-up experience. Can’t wait for my younger daughter to attend!” – Mandy Goh, mother of 4 kids, aged 8yrs, 6yrs, 3yrs and 7months.

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For more information about JLPC’s programs and camps, visit http://kidsinventjlpc.blogspot.sg



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