Keep your kids entertained on road trips

Travelling with toddlers can be tricky so we share some fun activities that will entertain your little tots and keep them occupied — no videogames or smartphones required.

I Spy
A favourite of my little cousins, this game can keep them entertained from Marine Parade to Malacca! The rules are simple, the person who starts has to go “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter …” and the rest of the people in the car has to guess the answer. It does not have to be restricted to letters, you can incorporate colours and sounds even! And the best part is, inspiration is all around.

Sit and dance
So we know that children seem to have a boundless amount of energy so tap that by playing this game in the car. The ‘sit and dance’ is true to it’s name meaning you dance as you’re strapped to your car seat or buckled up. Let your child decide on the song (you can alternate radio channels or burn a cd of your child’s favourite tunes) and dance away in the car!

This game should not be confused with the nursery┬árhyme. Bingo is a great game to play with your kids and it can even be brought into the car. What’s best about it is that you don’t even have to purchase a travel bingo set, you can craft one on your own.

You can make BINGO cards by pasting or drawing objects such as STOP signs, different makes of cars or specific landmarks or anything that you might see along the way. Then once your children are in the car, tell them to look out for those objects and whoever gets five in a row, has to shout BINGO and he or she wins the game.


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