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Parents and kids alike can start planning this year’s holiday getaway at LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, as this promises, to be a different experience from the usual mundane holiday packages available. With the choice of this new hotel, your kids will be more than willing to leave their friends behind for a few days this holiday season. The new and novel idea for a family or for Lego fans alike, will definitely be worth the try as besides the innovative idea behind the concept, there is also a lot of other exciting things to experience.



This three-storey creation, houses 250 hotel rooms, with three main themes to choose from. These would include the Pirate decor experience, the Kingdom or Adventure decor experience, all giving its occupant a pleasurable time not easily forgotten. Priding themselves with being different from the very start of the holiday stay, Lego Hotel goes all out to provide you with an ambiance and feel like no other.



Entering the compound you will be greeted by a huge dragon and yes, you guessed it…it’s made out of Lego. This majestic and impressive looking creature creation, is placed here to “guard” the hotel entrance, a delightful feature, your kids to be in awe of. Throughout the premises, you and your family will have the opportunity to see various different creations made of these Lego bricks. The total used is said to be around 3 million pieces, for the 3 400 creations. There are also, a lot of interactive rides, shows and other attractions that will keep you and your kids completely occupied and happy, for the duration of your stay.



No comfort is spared and families will find the sleeping arrangements pleasant and comfortable, as the hotel provides separated sleeping areas in each hotel unit, with a queen size bed for the adults and bunk beds for any accompanying kids. Your kids will be able to spend time separately from you, in the children’s section of the unit where they will be entertained with a TV console of their own, leaving you to relax in peace. The rooms are spacious enough, to allow for when you have boisterous and happy kids, and this is another plus for you, as you too will be able to relax and have some quiet down time. Another additional benefit provided for when you book into this hotel is that you and your family will be able to enjoy early admission into the theme park. This is especially helpful, as the queues can get to be quite sizeable in number, and standing in line is not something any parent or kids looks forward to in a holiday.



With a little research and preparation, you should be able to find a holiday package suited to your family’s needs. Being the first Lego land Park in Asia, makes this holiday destination a “must do” and certainly an opportunity that should not be overlooked. You will come out a winner with your kids with this holiday choice, so make it now.

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