The happenings in Little India this Diwali


Deepavali is here! Know all the happenings in Little India this Diwali. What better place in Singapore to celebrate this joyous occasion than at Little India? A five-day celebration, Deepavali is the most important festival in the Hindu calendar. The history of Deepavali is filled with legends from the Puranas – the holy Hindu scriptures.

The core theme of all these legends points to the classic truth; the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness. Oil lamps are lit thanking the gods for happiness, health, wealth and knowledge within us.

In Singapore, this festival is widely celebrated by all the citizens, migrants, expatriates and visitors, under the umbrella of One People, One Singapore.

The countless variety of sweets and savouries served during Deepavali symbolizes sweetness and happiness in one’s life – apart from satisfying your taste buds. After the usual traditional prayers and worship, the blessed food will be served to the family and their visitors.

Check out these fun events happening at Little India Singapore…


Deepavali Festival Village Campbell Lane & Hastings Rd
12 Nov 2012

Buzzing with stalls offering colourful festive items, Indian ethnic wear, intricate jewellery, costumes, arts & crafts, sculptures, decorations, music, movies, books, spices, traditional sweet meats & tidbits, festive cookies, including a Heritage Village Just for you!


Deepavali Countdown Concert 
12th November, 2012 

9:00 pm onwards

This open-air concert will take place at Farrer Park Field to usher in the Festival of Lights. Local and foreign celebrities will perform in this concert. At the stroke of mid night we will welcome Deepavali with a display of Fireworks.


Deepavali Heritage and 
Crafts Exhibition 

12 Nov 2012

Visitors may learn about the origins and traditions of Deepavali at the Exhibition. Skilled traditional craftsmen will demonstrate boutique saree designing, making of pots and garland tying. Beautiful sculptures and statutes will be on display too.



Deepavali Street Light-Up 
13th Oct – 18 Nov 2012

The streets of Little India are transformed, with the start of the Deepavali festive season with stunning festive themes in lights and colourful decor. It stretches from part of Selegie Rd to the entire Serangoon Rd (from the junction of Sophia Rd to Lavender St) and part of Race Course Rd.



Hope for Light 
13th Nov 2012 

8:00 pm onwards

There are many legends associated with the celebration of Deepavali. One of the well-known legends relates how Narakasura won the favour of God and was blessed with the rule of a Kingdom. However, he ruled his kingdom with terror and cruelty. The demon tortured the people and kidnapped the women to be imprisoned in his palace. His ill-treated subjects appealed to Lord Sri Krishna, for help.

Seeing his wickedness, Lord Krishna set out to destroy the demon. On Lord Krishna’s return, the city was in complete darkness as it was a new moon night. The people of heaven and earth were greatly relieved to have got freedom from the hands of the terrible Narakasura.

To celebrate the victory and to welcome Lord Krishna, the people lit lamps to light the way. They celebrated the occasion with much grandeur, a tradition that is believed to be alive through the annual observance of Diwali. The audience will be captivated by this amazing story, awed with the best performances and extreme effects. Come down to Singai Tamil Sangam, Upp Weld Road to view this spectacular play!



UTSAV, Street Parade 
17th Nov 2012 

8:00 pm onwards

Little India’s most amazing event – the Deepavali Street Parade is back once again at Race Course Rd. UTSAV is a dazzling extravaganza of colours and cultural diversity. Arts groups make their debut in this parade, showcasing multi-cultural local and international performances that are an insight to our festive traditions, enthralling tourists and Singaporeans reflecting a true cosmopolitan society.



Source: Little India Singapore

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