Make your own fun DIY masks at home

Making fun DIY masks is a great way to spend some quality time with your child. This art project is especially popular because it can help to keep the child occupied, exploring their natural creative side through crafts and also give them hours of pleasure and entertainment playing with the completed masks. There is a special kind of pride to be enjoyed both for you and your child when compliments are extended, and this is especially encouraging for your child, as it helps to also build their confident and expressive side.

As dinosaurs are a popular choice for young children, this easy to make mask will bring hours of fun filled laughter for all. You will need a large paper plate, a small paper plate, some paint, glue, a black marker pen and some elastic.

  • Paint the large plate with the desired colour for the dinosaur “frill”. Then paint the smaller plate the desired dinosaur colour. When both plates are dry stick them together, the smaller one over the big one. Cut a couple of holes through the mask for the eyes and cut a few pieces of triangle shapes for the spikes, which you can stick around the “frill”. One triangle piece should ideally be larger for the dinosaur horn. Use the marker pen to draw in other details as desired. Finally make a hole on each side to tie the elastic through and “vuala” you now have a dinosaur mask.



Another great mask idea would be a heart for valentine. This is quite simple and requires only as much items as desired for the end look. Items needs would be a sheet of manila cardboard, some red paint or red crepe paper, some glitter, a black marker pen and any other decorative stuff.

  • Start by simply cutting out a heart shape from the manila sheet. Then either paint the surface in red or stick the red crepe paper on the heart shaped card. Cut out holes for the eyes and using the black marker pen draw in facial marks. Using the decorations chosen you can then encourage your child to decorate her/his valentine face. Once done, leave the mask to dry and later cut holes on each side to tie the elastic through.



What could be cuter than seeing your little one in a chicken mask clucking around the house entertaining himself/herself. This fun mask will bring you both hours of fun even after the task is done. Items needed would include some yellow manila cardboard, some paint, a couple of glue sticks, red glitter pipe cleaner strips and scissors.

  • Cut a rectangular shape from the yellow card to make the mask face. Then cut holes for the eyes. Cut a large triangular shape for the beak, and two smaller tear shapes for the nostrils. Paint the beak piece red and the other two smaller pieces black and then stick the smaller two pieces on the beak. Attach the beak to the mask using the glue stick. For the “comb” cut out a cactus space and decorate it with the red glitter pipe cleaners. When it’s dry attach it to the mask and cut two holes for the elastic.
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