Make your own reading flashcards

It is very important for your kids to be able to read at an early age. This will not only give them an advantage when that are already in big school but it would make them more advanced when it comes to communication and comprehension.

There are number of ways to teach your children how to read. You can begin by reading them a book and pointing out the words. But more parents swear upon the effectiveness of flashcards in teaching phonetics, spelling and reading to their children. Have your tried using these flashcards as a tool? If you haven’t, try and make your own DIY educational flashcards now.

Here’s what you need: Old magazines, permanent markers, index cards, cardboard (cut into sizable rectangles), scissors, non-toxic glue and coloring materials.


1.)    Prepare your materials and look for a clean space to work on. Make sure that you have the appropriate number of index cards. You do not want to make too many or too few. If your child is willing to help, assist her in all the steps.

2.)    Flip through the old magazine and look for photos of objects, animal and other things that would interest your child. Steer clear from very difficult or long words if your child is still a novice in reading. Stay with 4 to 5 letter words, initially.

3.)    Once you’ve found the appropriate photo (i.e. skirt, watch, lion, train), cut that out and let her paste it on one side of the card. If your child can write letters legibly while using a marker, tell her to write the proper letters while you spell it out for her. Otherwise, you need to write it yourself. It is up to you if you want the picture and word together in one side or on separate sides. Although some parents prefer to separate the picture from the word to prevent any distraction.

4.)    Repeat steps number 2 and 3 until you have made a sufficient number of flashcards.

NOTE: if you have a knack for drawing, it would be more personalized if you draw the images on the cards yourself. Your child will appreciate the effort. You can color your artwork together too.

5.)    As finishing touches, you and your child could decorate the cards using different coloring materials. If preferred, you can use stickers and glitters as well.

6.)    It is recommended that you laminate each of the cards to ensure that they will remain in good condition.



Now that your reading flashcards are ready, you can begin teaching your child the basics of phonetics and reading. Once she had read one card, let her try to spell out the word. For older kids, ask her to use the word in a sentence. Do not forget to store the reading flashcards properly after each use. You can place them in a small box or a pouch. Not only will this eliminate clutter but it would also prevent loss.

With each use of these educational flashcards, your child will be reading sentences and paragraphs in no time.

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