Meaningful Disney songs for kids

Maningful songs for kids

Listening to meaningful music is something every parent should encourage their child to do. However with the various kinds of music available today, as a parent you should take the time to look for music selections that are “pleasant” and will benefit your child. Choosing a selection of songs from the Disney collection is a good starting point, and you can be assured that your child will be exposed to meaningful and pleasant lyrics. The following are just some examples of meaningful Disney songs:

  • Best of friends – The Fox and The Hound is a wonderful song that teaches a child about how to appreciate the differences in others. This unlikely pair forged a great friendship because they were able to enjoy each other instead discriminating.
  • When You Wish Upon a Star – this song will teach your child to dream and never lose hope. Teaching your child to “reach for the stars” is a valuable trait to inculcate.
  • The Bare Necessities – another wonderfu song to expose your child to. This meaningful song helps your child learn to make the best of what they have and find pleasure in doing so.
  • Under the Sea – a fun piece with a delightful accent. Imagine your child mastering this very different accent while learning from the words. It is not unusual for adults to think that “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but teaching your child to appreciate what they have before opting for something else, maybe beneficial for you financially.
  • Colors of the wind – the words of this song is a real “eye-opener” as it teaches a child to be open minded. Being judgmental is a negative trait almost everyone is guilty of; therefore inculcating the positive attribute of being open minded at an early age is worth teaching.
  • A Whole New A World – can help your child be more willing to explore new surroundings and this is especially helpful if your child is going to attend a new school or attempt a new activity.
  • That’s How You Know – most Asians are not very demonstrative when it comes to showing affection. Parents will hug and kiss their kids but as the child grows these tapers off. This meaningful song can teach your child to remember to “show” love often and without feeling shy. Hugging parents, grandparents, and siblings should be a natural thing.
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