Motivate Your Kids to Be Excited About School Again

Oh no, vacation’s over! It’s time to trade in your kid’s toys and gadgets with pencil and paper once again. If your kids are showing hesitancy and unwillingness to go back to school, learn the many tips to motivate your kids to be excited about school again.

Going back to school can be a daunting experience for some kids as they seem to never want to go. But as parents, you need to make sure that your kids are pumped up and ready for school. In order to explain to your child how school connects to real world, state how he can relate what he’s going to learn in school with daily life by providing examples. Tell him that, if he will do great in math, he can be an engineer someday.


Get With the Craze

Is your child crazy about a particular cartoon or anime character? Buy him a school bag, notebooks or pencils which showcase that character. If he doesn’t have an actual favorite, let him pick out his own school supplies. This also applies to clothes and shoes. If he prefers a certain style that’s accepted in the school, let him wear that. He will surely be excited about going back to school to show his friends his new, cool stuff.


Go on Tour

If your child is going to a new school this year, explore the campus together. Show him all the parts of the school that could appeal to him like the cafeteria, playground, basketball court or swimming pool. Let him see his future classroom as well. Explain to him that, that room will be the place he will be having fun with his classmates and teachers. If he is already familiar with his school before the first day, he would not feel too intimidated.


Set Can-Do Goals

Does your child dream about becoming a world-class athlete, violinist or dancer? Encourage him to join various clubs or tryout for certain teams. If he wants to write stories or draw comic strips, he should join the school paper or a similar organization. Explain to him that he can further excel if he participates in these clubs and teams because he will be mentored by professionals and surrounded by other students with the same hobbies and goals.


Prepare Him

A few weeks before the first day of school, let him practice on his reading, spelling, math and grammar. Don’t let him stop reading books. If he is prepared, he will less likely be afraid to go back to school. Instead, he will be more positive and ready to show off his newly learned skills.


Talk About Their Fears

Almost 90% of the kids who had shown hesitancy to go back to school fear something – bullies, strict teachers or overwhelming workload. Talk to them about their fears and allow them to voice out their emotions. Once he is done, give him tips on how to be more confident and overcome those fears. Tell him that you will help him so he will feel more assured. Importantly if his school principal can alleviate his fears and address some of the issues, speak to the proper authorities.

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