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What’s new for mums at Kidlander.com?

A new clear layout thats easy to read, high quality pictures for all places and upcoming events, better search and filtering features that allow you to find what you are looking for, and more content on every page so you can keep discovering the best of Singapore for your kids.

Can I view the Kidlander site when I’m on the go on my mobile device?

Yes. Kidlander has a seamless user experience where our readers can view content while at their computers or on the go on their mobile devices. Experience no loss of satisfaction with our new mobile friendly responsive design that follows you wherever you are.

Can I subscribe to a newsletter so I can get updates on new events and places to go to?

Yes, enter your email address on the site and we will email you with the latest information on upcoming activities and events for the week.

How can I plan my activities?

All our event information is current – you will be able to view the best events and places to visit based on season, festivals, school holidays, and more. Plan your weekends or celebrations with confidence and keep checking back for new listings.

What kind of information can I get from the Kidlander website?

You can find the latest, in-depth information on the best kid friendly restaurants to eat at in Singapore. We also have the largest database of the most popular, family friendly places to visit. Check back soon for more information on enrichment classes, camps, and schools. Our content offers the best of Singapore to you and your family.

Can I review or upload my own comments or photos?

Yes, you can visit our active Kidlander Facebook pages and ask/answer questions, get advice, and upload your photos.

Is Kidlander active on Facebook?

Yes, Kidlander has a very active main group with more than 15,000 followers and growing daily. Visit https://www.facebook.com/kidlander.

Kidlander also has three specific groups with more than a 1000 likes (also growing daily) that focus on questions around the best kid-friendly restaurants, the best places to have fun with your family, and enrichment activities for your children.

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