Old school games revisited

Lure the kids away from their gaming consoles and handheld devices by introducing them to these well loved games from your own childhood. We refresh your memory with this list of games that will remind you of those good ol’ kampong days.

Gasing or Top
The gasing or top is a traditional Malay game and the aim is for the top to spin as long as it possibly can. the last top left spinning wins. The game is played with wooden tops and strings and modern adaptations of this top can be seen in the popular Beyblade cartoon and toys.

Five stones
The name “five stones” originated from the original game being played with five actual stones. They have since progressed to little pyramidal bean bags about the size of a 50 cent coin. These ‘stones’ are tossed in the air in different configurations and caught. Although seemingly simple, the game is great practice for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Check this video out on how to play the game.

This traditional game revolves around a feathered shuttlecock that is bounced around on the heel of your foot. The aim is to keep the chapteh from falling to the ground. This deceptively simple game requires a great amount of concentration and balance as the small area of the heel requires focused movements so that the chapteh does not end up too far for you to catch and end up on the ground.

Marbles or goli
The marbles or goli was a popular kampung game amongst the boys who would challenge each other. The aim of the game is usually to knock your opponents marble out of a circle drawn on the ground. Thi game required great aim and dexterity and was a stepping stone for adult games such as snooker and pool which uses the same kinds of dynamics.

This game played in a group was a favourite of mine in primary school. The process included making the zero-point ‘rope’ out of rubber bands and then challenging teams to jump across the ‘rope’. The video below shows both how to make the ‘rope’ as well as the mechanics of the game.





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