Olimomok: Tiong Bahru, a marriage of two generations

Mum blogger Olimomok makes a trip down to Tiong Bahru with her husband and son to seek out an artisan bakery, but they got quite a bit more than a nice French breakfast:

“It was so nice to see everyone from all walks of life out and about doing their marketing or having their morning cuppas. I told Foops that the neighbourhood felt so warm and homely it made me want to move there too :)”

You can read the rest of Olimomok’s blog entry here: http://olimomok.livejournal.com/739093.html

Tiong Bahru is Singapore’s oldest estate, and its age has nurtured a very well-defined character for the neighbourhood. The blend of old and new is perfectly captured in Olimomok’s photo collages, and for some, an easy place to fall in love with.

For more of Olimomok’s writing, visit: http://olimomok.livejournal.com

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