Get the most out of the NATAS fair

Singapore’s largest travel fair NATAS Travel 2013 will take place at Singapore Expo, Halls 3B, 4 & 5 from 22 to 24 February at10am – 9.30pm. Bring your kids and family along and start planning that trip you have always wanted.

Try getting to the travel fair early to avoid the massive crowd. Make plans with your friends and family a few days before the event day. Getting there early allows you to take your time and look through carefully the available tours and packages. Besides, the sales person can give you their full attention.

Public transport
Taking the bus or MRT is the safest way to get to the Singapore Expo. It takes you straight to the venue. This will easily save you a few hours compared to getting stuck in the jam. The carpark lots will probably fill up fast and you might need to spend another hour looking for a carpark. Besides, you wont be buying heavy stuff so a car is not needed.

Leave your kids at home
It is not advisable to bring your kids along to a travel fair because of two reasons. First, they will be bored out of their minds and will start running around. What’s worst…their screaming might actually tear down the whole place. Leave your kids at home with a nanny or perhaps, a friend’s house. This will free up your hands and will make shopping and browsing so much easier.



Great planning matters
It’s going to be a very crowded weekend at the EXPO travel fair and it’s most likely that you will be separated from your friends and family. So make sure you have everyone’s cell phone number or plan a meeting place incase the network might be down inside the hall. If you are bringing your kid along, make sure you leave a piece of paper with your information – name, cell phone number and address – in his pocket.

Bring a snack bag
Bring some crackers and some water in a small bag. You might be too busy browsing around and not have the time to eat. Besides, the hall will be so packed that you might not even get the chance to escape to an overcrowded cafeteria.

Are your ready
So are you ready to tackle the crowd this weekend? It’s a long weekend and the travel fair lasts for three days. So take your time and don’t rush. You do not want to miss out on a great opportunity to travel to your dream destination.


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