Hop onboard to discover the Port of Lost Wonder!

Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

You might have heard about (or seen) the 7 wonders of the world, but have you checked out the Port of Lost Wonder on the sunny island of Sentosa?

Taking fort at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach is the Port of Lost Wonder, Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach where you can find a water park, activity centre and adventure land – all in one place! Right in line with its theme, the attractions are spread out across 5 areas that promise a myriad of wondrous fun and enjoyment.

If you’re raring to go and discover the wonders, check out what’s in store for you and the family at The Port:


Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

Ahoy mateys! Let the good times roll as you and your little scallywags make your first pit-stop at the Pirate Ship for a water wonderful time!

Indulge in heaps of splashing fun as you engage in a water-gun battle with the kiddos. Zoom down adrenalin-pumping slippery slides, and bring on the giggles and excitement as you and your kids go on a wet and wild adventure together.


Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

Let your little ones learn how to manage their finances with the official currency at the Port with Curio Coins! Children can literally use these to ‘pay’ for their own activities, which paves the way for great opportunities to teach them about good decision making!


Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

Mums and dads, put aside all inhibitions (and take a much-needed break from your little ones’ constant questions of ‘whys’ and ‘hows’) by letting them run free to discover, learn and explore at Curiosity Island.

Eager explorers get to develop green fingers and learn more about plants and gardening at the Pots and Planks corner by growing their own potted plants and learning some cool facts about tiny wriggly animals and insects. Questions and more questions? The Wonder Crew on standby will answer all queries from your inquisitive little ones.


Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

Want to know how everyday ‘green’ materials can be transformed into wonderful works of art? Bring out the crafty side of your kids with the Wonder Craft session! Let them showcase their creativity by gluing and piecing all sorts of odds and ends together to create their very own one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Be ready to give out plenty of praises and hugs as your little ones proudly present their crafty creations to you!


Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

Remember the good ol’ days before smartphones and tablets became the centre of attention during playtime? Join our Wonder Crew as they introduce some of the best old-school games to your kids, such as Hopscotch, Zero Point, Chaptek and more. You can also get the boxed sets of these old-school games at the Just Wonder retail store to play with your kiddos at home.

And if you’re looking for a great venue to host your child’s birthday party, why not consider having it here? We hear that the party food from Port Belly earns high scores on the yum factor too!

Head down for some fun time at the Port!

Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder

The Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa opens daily from 10am to 6.30pm – but do note that the Pirate Ship closes at 6pm.

Tickets for kids aged 12 and below are priced at:
$10 on weekdays (Includes 50 Curio Coins)
$15 on weekends, public and Singapore school holidays (Includes 100 Curio Coins)
* Mums and dads get in free with a hug from your little ones!

For more information on the Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa, visit www.polw.com.sg. You can also get in touch with the fun-loving team directly through the following:

Hotline: 1800-SENTOSA
Email: [email protected]

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Port of Lost Wonder on Facebook to stay updated on the latest happenings and deals at the Port!

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