Power foods for kids this new year

Trying to feed your child always turns into an endless game of tag with you and your child running in circles because he refuses to eat.  However, do not give up. When your child is has the appetite to eat and is quite ravenous, give him only healthy stuff. Try these power foods for your kid this new year:




Do not be surprised but burgers are essentially healthy for your kids. The only catch is you must make them yourselves. Unlike fastfood burgers that are laden with calories and preservatives, homemade beef, turkey and chicken breast burgers have less fat. These burgers are also excellent sources of zinc, iron and protein.


Peanut Butter

For kids who are not allergic to peanuts, a peanut butter sandwich should always be a staple in their lunch boxes. Peanut butter is extremely high in protein, potassium, minerals and fiber. It may be high in fat but it is of the good kind – monounsaturated fat. Remember to serve peanut butter only in whole wheat bread and layer with sliced bananas or any fruit that your kid loves. Skip the jam altogether!



Fresh Fruit Shakes

Kids love shakes so make one for them constantly. However instead of using ice cream or sweeteners, use frozen fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Add a dollop of low fat milk and yogurt and it will be oh so delicious. Do away with sugar and other sweeteners.




Even if your child is already a teenager, do not let him go about his day without drinking a glass of milk. Milk is so healthy and nutritious that even adults need to drink them. Rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin D, milk helps kids get stronger and gain more energy for school and playing. If your child is lactose-intolerant, there are other substitutes available in the market today. For children who do not really like the taste of milk, add a bit of strawberry or chocolate syrup to make it appealing for them.


Readily available and easy to eat, blueberries are indeed power foods. Each tarty and sweet handful is packed with antioxidants and fiber. The many benefits of blueberries include colon cancer protection and healthy heart maintenance.


If you are one of those parents who seldom serve eggs to their kids, year 2013 is the time to change. Eggs may be high in cholesterol but they are oh-so-nutritious. One egg is packed with choline, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and iron that are needed to maintain high energy all day. Serve differently cooked eggs every other day.


Beans are very versatile and could be made into anything including soup, taco filling, or dip (hummus). These beans contain a lot of protein, fiber and iron that helps prevent that “lazy feeling” and constipation.




Make it a habit to serve your kids some fruits every day. Give him bananas today and melon the next. Offer him a lot of varieties so he doesn’t get fed up. Also, serve the fruits in a fun way like bite-size in toothpicks, inside fruit juice popsicles, or in skewers.


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