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Very few adults are comfortable with allowing kids to enter the kitchen, let alone prepare their own meals. If this is also a huge concern for you, then you should consider starting your child out with a few simple meal ideas that will not only be nutritious, but will also be less likely to put them in harm’s way.


  • Kids respond well to meals that take the shape of something they are familiar with. You can try to create the shape of a butterfly by putting together a few different fruits, veggies or other edible items.  Simply teach your kid to break pieces of bread sticks and place them on a plate to resemble the butterfly body and then cut grapes into half and place two on either side of the bread stick. Voila! There is a winner, an edible butterfly!
  • Squiggly creatures made out of sausages and pasta is another hassle free choice. Cut the sausages into bite sizes, poke a couple of spaghetti sticks into the middle of each sausage, and then pop them all into boiling water. When cooked, your child will have a squiggly meal.
  • Simple skewer kebabs can be easily put together with ingredients of your child’s choice. Cheese, apples, ham, sausages and anything else can be cubed and skewered. This is a healthy and fuss free choice to teach your child to make for themselves.
  • If your child loves dips, then teaching him/her to mix cream cheese, chopped walnuts, raisins and cranberry into a paste with a little orange juice concentrate will allow him/her to enjoy an easy and healthy meal, which can be used as a spread on flavoured crackers.
  • Lots of colour will be the attraction to making a Nutella filled with sprinkles bread. All your child needs to do is cut slices of bread into triangle shapes or even use a cookie cutter to make other shapes. Then spread these slices of bread with Nutella. and either add coloured sprinkles on from the baking aisle, or dip the Nutella coated side into the colour coated sprinkles.
  • Grilled cheese sandwich is another popular meal for your child to prepare, especially unsupervised. The ingredients needed would be a few slices of bread, some butter and cheese. Coat a slice of bread with butter and place it on a hot non-stick pan, butter side down and put as much cheese as you like on the slice. Then place another slice of bread on it and butter the top side. Cover the pan to keep the heat contained and flip when one side is browned to preference. Or, if you have a toaster, you can pop in two slices of bread, when they are hot and read, just put a slice of cheese between the two. There’s your grilled cheese sandwich on the go!
  • Jacket potatoes are easy to make, and all your child has to do is prick the potato several times and then place it in the microwave oven for about 12 minutes. Then split the potato to make a little pocket and your child can fill it with anything he/she likes. With a little dollop of sour cream, the delicious meal is complete.
  • Pita pizzas are another easy option. Simply place the pitas on a baking sheet with tomato sauce inside of it, and your child can add on any toppings. Sprinkle mozzarella and bake. Ma-Ma Mia! Who would’ve thought it could be so simple.

Tell us some of the recipes that helped get your kids started in the kitchen!

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