Preparing baby’s first birthday

Birthdays are a milestone in every child’s life but at the tender age of one, your child might not know or even be aware of the celebrations. But parents are always keen to celebrate and share the joy of their child with both family and friends and that is one of the reasons why I’m holding my daughter’s first birthday today.

Setting the tone
As a parent, it is imperative to decide what kind of celebration to have for your child; whether it’s going to be a big party or an intimate family gathering. That is why you must always consider the needs of your child before deciding. Is your little boy or girl shy with strangers or do they get cranky in big groups or are they generally friendly and peaceful? For me, I wanted a small intimate gathering with close family and friends but in my family, small means 50 people and I’m lucky because my daughter is generally friendly and is quite comfortable among people she doesn’t know.

Once you have decided on the size and tone of the party, it’s time to think of preparations and this include cake, decorations, invites and food. Always keep in mind how many people will be coming and prepare accordingly.

Preparations can be a little overwhelming especially if you are a working parent, so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help either from a party planner or family members.

Knowing when to say Enough
Speaking from experience, I must admit that it is so easy to get carried away in your preparations because after all, who doesn’t want the best for their child. That is why it is of utmost importance to set a limit on expenses. However this is not limited to expenses alone, it is also important for you to put your foot down when family members try to put in their input on how the part/celebration is supposed to be. This is your child’s birthday party and even though you appreciate all the help and input, just be aware that you are not overwhelmed and usurped by it.

Have fun
This is your child’s first party so have fun with it. Don’t expect too much either as at that tender age of one, there’s a good chance that the birthday boy/girl will refuse to eat the birthday cake, ignore the presents in favor of the wrapping paper, or cry or sleep through the whole event.



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