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Catch DIY haze detectors beeping in action or try a DNA test at the Singapore Science Festival! Prepare to welcome this annual science festival as it comes back with a bang and everything much bigger and better! Happening from 19 July to 4 August, the festival presents over 70 interesting activities that will wow not only the young kids, but their parents and grandparents too (and we totally understand why). Get fascinated by intriguing experiments and discoveries as you embark on this interesting journey with your little ones and uncover the mysteries of Science!

The Singapore Science Festival does not only take place at one location! You could visit the selected mall, libraries or schools all over Singapore which will hold some of these Science fringe activities as well! Partnering with key research and development institutes and community venues in Singapore, the Singapore Science Festival will come right to your doorstep!

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Take a trip around the world at Genefest where your family will have a chance to stop by the USA, Britain and South Africa and learn about genetics, diseases and viruses! Solve the mystery of Pharaoh's unknown parents using DNA parental testing!

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