Is Barney good for kids?


Kids programs are known for their “life-saving” grace for busy, harassed and over-worked mums. There are many children programs aired everyday and by some statistics Barney and Friends comes up the number one choice for most. If you are one of those mothers that just need a few minutes to catch your breath and not go insane from all the distractions of looking after your little one, then “plonking” him/her in front of the telly for a couple of hours will give you the relief you so desperately need.

The Barney and Friends entertainment show, is designed around some good quality teachings and there is very little fear of your child turning into some kind of hyperactive little monster after watching a couple of episodes of Barney and Friends. Qualities such as good manners, good hygiene practices and lots of other positive elements are added into the make-up of the show and every episode helps to further ingrain these positive aspects into your little darling’s everyday action choices. There are also a lot of, catchy tunes that your child will pick up and these have a positive subconscious effect on your child. You may even find yourself unconsciously humming these tunes too, as they do have a tendency to stick in your mind, hence the catchy connotation.

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Another interesting point that this show is able to make, comes from its ability to evolve to suit the times. A lot of its content is well researched and designed to keep your child in the “know” for a very young age. Some of the information taught is done in such a stubble manner, that victory is usually always the general outcome in getting your child to cooperate at the mere mention of Barney. Using different ethnic groups to play the kid’s characters also helps your child relate better to people different from you and your child, thus effectively encouraging your child to be open and accepting from a very young age. The negative trait of discrimination is successfully eliminated in your little one’s mind at this young age.

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You may want to consider other equally education yet entertaining kids shows for your little one. Another choice would be the ever popular and seemingly evergreen Sesame Street. This show is also designed to be entertaining while disguised as an excellent teaching tool. Your child will be able to learn about numbers, letters, colours and how to think, in a fun and engaging manner, while you get your dose of relaxation. Some of the episodes are so interesting you may find yourself happily watching it along with your child. Another show that will help to teach your child about science in a fun way and maybe even bring out the future potential to be the next Einstein, is Bill Nye the Science Guy. Although this show if quite old, it is still a firm favourite among kids and parents alike. Bill manages to take a sometimes-boring topic, like science and make it interesting and exciting while at the same time emphasising the need to be careful.

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