Singapore’s must-visit animal kingdoms!

Peaceful days can turn out every bit of amazing as they are said to be. But every once in a while when you notice your children are getting restless, be daring and bring out the wild side out of everyone! We know some of the best places in Singapore to take your children to so that they can interact with creatures of every size — big and small.  Here are some of the animal kingdoms we recommend you get your zebra stripes and leopard spots on for:
Singapore Zoo
One of the best in Asia, this open-concept zoo houses an entire smorgasbord of animals and wildlife along with countless attractions and areas for entertainment purposes. Home of the largest colony of orangutans in the world, a particularly special treat for your young zoologists is the exciting “Breakfast with an Orangutan”, where everyone will be given a chance to meet, interact, and even photograph with the lovable primates. For parents with younger children, fret not as there are available prams, wagons and strollers for rent. Other forms of transport and rides include trams and boats, as well as a range of animal rides. There’s something for everyone, so not only will you and your family have a ball, but there are some important lessons that your child can take away. Besides getting to know more about the different animals and their lifestyle, you can watch the close relationship between the animals and the caregivers to understand their habits better. Not only that, the zoo’s witty shows can be enjoyed to fullest with family, and can also bring a sense of responsibility towards animal conservation, protection and care.
Night Safari
As the sun sets, and the rest of Singapore retires for the day, there is one park that is just waking up. Experience a night in the wild that you or your children will never forget! The safari has procured over a thousand animals housed in the largest wildlife park in Singapore, and is the very first nocturnal park in the world. Not only is it beneficial educationally, but the Night Safari is a thrilling must-experience for the entire family. Walk or catch a tram around the enclosure and watch the night come alive with the multitudes of creatures roaming around hunting, playing and roaming in the open-concept park. And don’t let the idea of it being a night-time adventure get you worried – in fact, half the thrill is in letting the little ones experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to frolic with the animals, especially when it’s way past their bedtime!
Tip: Night Safari possesses a range of possible transport options, including public and shuttle buses. One thing to note, the Night Safari closes at 12am, so in case you’re planning to get a cab out, leave a little earlier to avoid the midnight surcharge

Underwater World Singapore

Take a voyage down to the bottom of the sea at Underwater World! Be greeted at the ‘seashore’ with rock pools and the creatures which inhabit it. Then, dive down with the kids into the watery depths of a whole new world to meet the fishes! The kids will find it thrilling to get up close and personal with seals. They can even enjoy watching pink dolphin shows at Dolphin Lagoon, which is just a 2-minute walk away from UWS. If you have the time, check out the spa as well, the ticklish nibbles of the fish are bound to bring on a bunch of giggles. Let’s not forget that the foot massage is said to be ideal for relaxation purposes after the tour has concluded. Mums and Dads, you’re in for a treat of a lifetime: The UWS is offering the same price tickets to adults as kids, so everyone in family has a reason to smile.

The JBP is the largest bird park in the world, which holds up to 5,000 birds of 400 different species across the lush 20-hectare haven. Learn about our feathered friends, where they come from, how they live, and what makes them tick – or, well, chirp. Highlights include “King of the Skies”, a majestic spectacle involving some of the greatest predatory birds, and “Lunch with Parrots”, as the name suggests, a meal being entertained by these witty creatures, which give the phrase “bird brain” a run for its money!

Tip: Get your hands on a Park Hoppers pass (available at both child and adult prices), which gives access to all three: The Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. This should definitely make for some neat savings!

The Marine Park Life

They say that the ocean is a large body of water, which flows endlessly in every direction. The Marine Park Life uses that very idea as inspiration everyday to help run the world’s largest oceanarium.  It promises your family an unforgettable journey, and an insight into the aquatic world like you’ve never experienced before.

The oceanarium inhabits more than 800 species of marine life, which range from underwater animals like the deadly shark to friendly fish like Nemo. If you feel that looking at these beautiful animals just won’t cut it, try diving in at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, a tropical paradise for children. Take the family to snorkel with 20,000 colourful reef fish and feel the magic of wading and interacting with dozens of rays.

Understanding animals can be so vital to the early-development of your child. We live in a world where we co-exist with animals, yet we know so little about them. They give us a better understanding of nature and the world beyond our busy lives. Make a plan today, and take your kids out to one of these locations to find out which animals they fancy the most.

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