Six best all-day breakfast places in Singapore

Breakfast does not have to the first meal of the day. Now you can enjoy your favourite foods at any time- perfect for families during the weekends and holidays!


Come and discover the delicious versatility of eggs at this cafe which specialises in egg-based fare. Omelettes, toast, baked or fried: Hatched has all of your favourite styles and a variety of side dishes.


The owners of Arbite in Serangoon Gardens believe delicious food is a labour of love. This favourite neighbourhood eatery stands out with dishes such as sea salt and caramel banana pancakes, frittata and French toast.

Boomarang Restaurant

Boomarang at Robertson Quay offers an all-day breakfast. Tuck into homemade sourdough toast while your kids can ride along the quay on scooters. There is a special menu for kids, and dogs are welcome. After an English breakfast, take a walk along the river side.


Choose from an à la carte brunch menu, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, and desserts. fry-up of eggs, sausage and bacon,.The kids can do some colouring or look at the sailing boats in the Marina. Portions suitable for children are available for several adult menu items including pancakes, fish and chips, and spaghetti.

Eggs and Berries

Eggs & Berries is located on the first floor of Changi City Point, where all day pasta, pancakes and waffles are served. Your family can enjoy muffins, Eggs Benedict and other early morning favourites in a cheerful and luxurious ambience

Wild Honey

If you want a menu bursting with variety and value come to Wild Honey cafe at Mandarin Gallery. The cafe serves English and European style breakfasts, as well as eclectic offerings of Mexican, Tunisian and Norwegian dishes.

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