Sneak peek Incanto backstage tour

Audiences are mystified, stupefied and in awe—witnessing spectacular illusions happen right before their very eyes. Not often do we get the chance to take a peek behind the scenes where the magic is created. Don’t be shy, check out the dressing rooms and costume rooms too!

The word magic has its origins in the Greek word of magika. The name that pops into the mind when magic is mentioned is the famous Harry Houdini.

Incanto, meaning ‘enchantment’ in Italian, is to be presented at the Festive Grand Theatre (FGT) Lobby at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), which is near the entrance of the Casino. As soon as you reach the FGT, you are greeted by images of the upcoming performance – Incanto. There were impressive life sized cut-outs of the main characters of Incanto—beackoning us…

Joe Labero’s dressing room

Incanto tells the story of a curious seeker, played by Singaporean Oon Shu-Ann, who enters a strange monastery. Guided by a Jester, she attracts the fearful Dungeon Master, mortal enemy of the Sorcerer – played by Joe Labero. Incanto follows her thrilling adventure until the showdown between Good and Evil.

As soon as you go past the entrance you arrive at the little snack counter. This, leads to the main seating hall. The stage was impressive and the RWS representative comments that this was one only one of the many layers to the impressive production. The picture shows us the final scene – where after the showdown, the actors come to take a bow. During the performance, props such as gates and the actors, would add more depth to the stage. Solely for the illusionist’s tricks, at least four 40 foot shipping containers were required. Imagine the number of props that will be ulitized during the whole show!

Behind the stage, is the door that leads to directly behind the stage; which is HUGE, as if meant for the giant from Jack in the Beanstalk. Stepping through these doors is like entering Diagon Alley from the Leaky Cauldron. Also behind stage, if you are lucky enough to get there, one can catch a glimpse of one of the many big machineries that control the illusionist’s various contraptions.

From the very ginormous gallery, moving stage right, are the dressing rooms and costume rooms. More than 250 costumes have been specifically crafted to suit the personalities of each cast with materials coming from South Africa, China, Paris and Milan.

Picture this – imagine going for a performance and admiring the costumes worn by the actors. Wouldn’t you wish you could see the performers transform from human beings into the delightful characters and creatures? Wouldn’t you want to see these colourful costumes up close and personal? We did. Dressing rooms are meant for the general cast and the main heroine. It was big and impressive with 2 sides of wall to wall mirrors. There were also many wig stands for the trying hair styles of the various characters. Also spotted were special face stands to try out make up styles.

The next room is another massive room, containing various costumes to be donned by the performers. To take care of all the wear and tear of daily rehearsals, there is a team of 4 in-house seamstresses. The costumes were very elaborate and vibrantly coloured. The head seamstresses mentions that it takes a lot of effort to mend the wear and tears. Some, if not most, of the performers had to change their costumes multiple times during one performance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Wouldn’t it be intriguing to see the performers in action, wearing fantastically elaborate costumes and makeup? You can see for yourself! Also look out for the Incanto contest where you can win 4 tickets worth $364 for your family. Check it out on our Facebook page.

Date: 8th November 2012 – 10th March 2013

Ticket prices: $148, $98, $88, $78, $48


Tel:  +65 6577 8888

Tel: +65 6348 5555

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