Spicy food for kids


Singapore has a variety of food to offer the adventurous foodie. Don’t wait to add some extra kick to your dining out experience!

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for its Indonesian fare. Try the Sundanese Grilled Chicken, and the varieties of barbecued fish. Along with that, dishes such as Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang and Oxtail Soup are among the menu items. To finish their meal kids can choose from the array of traditional Kuih and desserts.

Min Jiang

Satisfy your cravings for hot and sour soup at Min Jiang. This popular restaurant is named after the part of the Yangtze River that runs through the Szechuan province. This Szechuan restaurant is located at the poolside of the Goodwood Park hotel. Try the specialities such as sautéed chili prawns, ceel strips coated with sesame sauce, and duck smoked with camphor and tea.


There are debates on where you can get the best nasi biryani in Singapore. But the name that keeps cropping up is Bismillah Restaurant on Dunlop Street, Little India. The portions are generous, and the curry is satisfying without being too overwhelming. Don’t forget to order a glass of fresh lime juice to balance out your meal.

Red House

This seafood restaurant was established in 1976 and continues to serve up delicious seafood dishes. Try the barbercued shrimp, fried rice and the famous Red House Chii Crab – all prepared on the spot!

El Patio

El Patio is the oldest Mexican restaurant in Singapore. This eatery still serves authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex fare within a relaxed ambience. The salsas and guacamoles are made fresh daily, while the burritos and tortillas are made according to tradition.

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