Spooky Jr. – Magical Night at Port of Lost Wonder

The kiddies and I checked out Spooky Jr., a special party held at the Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) on Sentosa last Friday.

POLW is the first kids’ club by the beach in Singapore. Like Peter Pan’s Neverland, POLW is all about the children. They have top priority at the play club while the adults (that’s us) get to “tag” along with them at no charge. This generous offer and the incredible fun we have at POLW every time we visit is what drew us to this event.

Spooky Jr. was held over two nights (25 & 26 Oct), 6:30pm to 9:30pm. But there was nothing sinister or spooky about Spooky Jr. In fact, it was a very friendly and welcoming version of Once Upon A Time

We arrived at “The Ball” and who should greet us at the entrance but the EVIL Step-sister. Although, she was anything but evil and welcomed us with smiles and masks to decorate.

Sentosa Spooky Junior at Port of Lost Wonder

We met the evil step-sister who didn’t appear very evil at all.

Sentosa Spooky Junior at Port of Lost Wonder

Decorating our masks before being escorted into The Ball by two dashing footmen.

Consistent with their theme to Explore, Learn and Play, POLW was magically transformed into a Fantasy Land with different stations of activities to encourage such engagements with the kids. Follow us on our journey through these stations.

Curiosity Island (click on link to see the map of POLW) now housed The Royal Boutique, the Pumpkin Carriageand The Garden Fairies’ Station where all things glittery and colorful are expected. Further down the Island were the sinisterly-inviting Bubbly Cauldron and Witches’ Concoctions!

1) We Met The Fairy Princess At The Royal Boutique.

Sentosa Spooky Junior at Port of Lost Wonder

We found the Fairy Princess and paid our respects.

For those not fully dressed for the party, for a small price at The Royal Boutique, they were transformed into any character they desire — a super hero, a swash-buckling pirate, a Royal princess, even a pretty fairy.

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

We headed to The Royal Boutique for a little transformation ourselves…

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

And Voila! My little Tooth Fairy!

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

Big brother decided to get in on the act…albeit more comical than spooky.


2) Hocus Pocus! It’s Pumpkin Magic!

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

Family photo with Mother Goose at the Pumpkin Carriage.

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

We painted our pumpkins and left them to dry…

3) Fairies Who Pamper With Glitters And Colors

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

For my little princess, this is HEAVEN – getting glitter tattoos and purple manicure at the same time!

4) Enchanting Tales And Scavenger Hunts…

At the Hatch Patch, we met the Fairy Godmother and the Prince and Princess who told us enchanting tales. The Royal Couple even asked for our help to find the Princess’ missing slippers in a Royal Scavenger Hunt. Our clues led us all the way to Celebration Island, but sadly we did not find any shoes.

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

The Fairy Godmother appealing for our help to find Cinderella’s slippers. We didn’t find any but had fun deciphering and following the clues!

Later that evening, there was a Royal Parade for the Best-dressed individual and family. Grand prizes like family staycations and the Wii were given away that night.

5) Yummy, Yummy In My Tummy!

All this running around made me very hungry, but the kiddies didn’t want to stop. I finally convinced them to take a break for a quick dinner at Port Belly, followed by sweet savory cotton candy for desert and a visit to Just Wonder, POLW’s retail shop for some souvenirs! That did the trick!

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

For me, it’s yummy Chicken Briyani ($8.80) and for the kids, two delicious portions of Bolognese Pasta with Fries and mango pudding on the side ($8.80 each) at the Port Belly.

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

Mmmmm…. yum!

6) Magic Potions A-Brewing

After dinner, we plucked up our courage to brew our own portions. Big Brother may have a future as a Mixologist while little sis’ potion concoction was a little harder to stomach.

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

This was really one of the highlights of Spooky Jr. – mixing magical potions!

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

The magic in concocting a sweet savory potion lies in the balance…

7) Let The Good Times Roll…

Even though we didn’t bring our swimmers, we still had a blast at POLW. There is always so much to see, to experience and to do. POLW is a true haven for children and families can spend an entire day there. Here are some of the things I love about it:

  1. The friendly and helpful staff — they have a very positive energy about them, which is translated to make their young visitors feel good.
  2. Engaging activities — kids up to 12 years old can find something at POLW to entertain them. What’s Going On at POLW, click here for more details. 
  3. The Pirate Ship — this central attraction with its water play and slides provides hours and hours of fun for your little one and you. Remember to bring your swimmers when you head out to POLW.
  4. Even if you forget, their retail shop Just Wonder which has an abundant of interesting souvenirs and products, just might have what you need.
  5. Port Belly – generous helping, great variety, and delicious food at very reasonable price… What more can you ask for?
Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

Posed prettily for some pictures…

Sentosa Spooky Junior Port of Lost Wonder

Finally, we bade the Fairy Princess “Goodbye” and promised we’ll be back again very soon!

Port of Lost Wonder

Address: 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Sentosa (near Beach Car Park).

Opening Hours: 10am – 6:30pm daily (Pirate Ship closes at 6:00pm)

Ticketing Prices and Booking 

Our visit was generously hosted by the Sentosa group who in no way influenced the comments or reviews of this post. Thank you for a wonderful visit!

Read more about the things we do with our kids in Singapore and the places we travel to with kids on my blog, Universal Scribbles.

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