Make your own pop-up card

Making pop up cards is a wonderful and creative way to spend time with your child. This fun exercise, is well worth the effort and certainly more interesting and fulfilling for your child, as compared to simply buying a card and getting them to pen in their name. Besides the obvious hours of fun to be had, your child will also be able to develop valuable motor skills and explore their creative nature. Preparing a few items ahead of time, such as some construction paper, a craft knife, a couple of glue sticks and some decorative cutouts, will help to make the exercise more fun-filled and less stressful for both of you. By following the next four simple steps of cutting, folding, decorating and covering, you should be able to help your child make a simple pop-up card that will delight everyone.

  • After folding the construction paper crosswise in half, you can use the craft knife to cut parallel slits along the folded part. The amount of cuts made should be according to the number of flaps desired. The pop ups will eventually be positioned on these flaps. Do not cut the slits too long, as this will make the slits unnecessarily visible.
  • The flaps should be pushed forward into the cards, while the folded side is positioned to face you. When you open the card, the flaps should look like pop up stands and ready for your cut outs to be glued on.
  • While avoiding the top portion, apply glue to the front of the flap. Paste the cut outs carefully on the glued area only. A little parental guidance maybe needed here, as any access glue applied will cause both sides of the card to stick together. To avoid the cut outs peeking over the card, ensure they are positioned within suitable perimeters of the card itself. However, this is not a rule that must be strictly followed, as some kids may want to make a game of guessing the contents and design of the pop ups, thus creating another exciting exercise in itself. Decorating the flat space above the card can be an added fun activity for your child, although it would be wise to remind your child to stick to the original overall theme.
  • Fold another piece of construction paper in half and glue it onto the decorated card to cover the slits. Other colours of construction paper can be used to make the card colourful. Sometimes the gluing process can cause the paper to crumple up into a bunch. To help prevent this from happening, glue one side of the card at a time.

It would be a good idea to have a theme in mind before attempting to create the pop up card. This will help you and your child decide on the decorations and pop up pieces most suited for your chosen theme. These should then be designed and cut out, at the very beginning of the exercise, so that you will have enough pieces to choose from.

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