Swiss Fun at Changi Airport!

Changi airport has a Swiss treat for visitors during the September school holidays. “SimplySwitzerland” is a mini-Swiss playground for little ones in the T3 Departure (public) area at Row 11. We tried it out with our 3-year-old son who asked that very morning for snow to play with.

The highlight must be the two-story high inflated slide and a mini ski carousel. Your child must be at least 80cm tall to use the winter playground. You can redeem a 15 minute play pass with a minimum $40 spend at the airport. You also get to enter a lucky draw and stand a chance to win $1,00 changi dollar vouchers.

playground at Changi Airport

The slide is tons of fun and the kids raced up as many times as they could to enjoy pretending to slide down snow with a cutout of the matterhorn behind them. The carousel is good for smaller kids as it goes around slowly but was still good fun.

Changi airport

There is fake snow on the ground (so not for babies!) with styrofoam bits and the kids had fun throwing it around. Lots of photo opps for parents! Including colorful cows and a swiss log house.

Changi airport

There is a cow stacking contest where the goal is to stack wooden cows one atop the other. The big prize for stacking the most is a 6D5N trip to Switzerland for a family of four and a six-month ownership of a cow in Switzerland. No misprint. You read it right. The lucky winner will get to savor and bring home up to 30kg of fresh Swiss cheese made from “their” cow, one of the perks of cow ownership you know.

indoor playgrounds Singapore

Changi airport is always a favorite destination for Singaporeans and this September holiday is no exception. We had a good time playing around the Swiss winter playground (open daily during the school holidays from noon to 10pm) then having lunch at the toast box opposite. It was a fun time all round.


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