Bindi Irwin – the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter – at Gardens by the Bay

Ever shared a glass of milk with a tiger, or maybe stepped in when your pet rhino was giving birth? This is just part of daily life for adventurous Bindi Irwin (14) who swept us off our feet with her many stories of animal encounters. Bindi became famous when she took part in her late father, crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s numerous television appearances from the Australian Zoo.

We had the privilege to meet Bindi as she was attending a ceremony in April 2013 at Gardens by the Bay – one of her favourite places in Singapore. “It doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 102, everyone enjoys the immense beauty of these gardens”, she said while sharing a delicious apple roll with us.

The ceremony recognised Bindi’s efforts to promote wildlife conservation as well as her upcoming Discovery Kids Programme – Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors. The programme tells abou the Irwin family’s efforts to continue late Steve Irwin’s work for wildlife conservation and welfare.

Bindi Irwin at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Bindi Irwin at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore after planting a tree promoting her new show on Discovery Kids (C) 2013 Tickled Media / Mari Bankova

“It is all about doing things together and learning through hands on experience”, Bindi said when discussing how parents and kids can get closer to nature in Singapore.

It wasn’t much of a surprise for us when she revealed her favourite place around Singapore – the Singapore Zoo with its newly opened River Safari. Having seen how she handles crocodiles on TV, we would not mind having her onboard with us next time we check out the safari river cruises…

But, Bindi’s message to us was about protecting the environment: “Young people should use their voice and stand up for the cause they believe in, because one person – you – can make a huge difference. Go out there and explore, learn and love”, she added at the end of a very motivational speech.

Later in the week, the Singapore Botanic Gardens presented Bindi with an orchid named after her, Dendrobium Bindi Irwin (Dendrobium Jean Chretien x Dendrobium David Baltimore). The beautiful flower is a free-flowering orchid hybrid.

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