Teaching your kid to write poems

Poetry is a great way to teach your kid how to write. It will help your child learn to express themselves. Many times children can express theirselves better on paper than actually speaking how they feel. It not only is an outlet for their feelings, writing poems is a very good way for your child to learn proper sentence structure, writing techniques, punctuation and rhyming. Anything they feel can be put into a poem and expressed in a way that will help you and your child deal with what they are feeling.

First choose which style of poetry you would like to start with.
There are several different poem styles you can choose from.

Acoustic poems are poems that are written to allow the first letter in each sentence to form a word. These types of poems really can help children remember certain words that are important in a classroom setting.

Alphabet poems are pretty much self explanatory. They are great for teaching small children the alphabet.

Ballad poems are your most common form of poem. They retell an event in history or your personal life as a ballad. They will always rhyme and can be made to tell anything.

These are just a few types of poems. There are over 55 different styles of poems to choose from.

Your next step will be to choose a topic. Make it something fun for the kids, something that will interest them and they can use their imagination with. Holidays or fun things to do at school are a good way to start. Anything that will get them thinking and coming up with ideas no matter how silly they are.

Have a discussion with your kid about the topic. You want to make sure they understand what you expect them to come up with. Using their imagination is a good way to see more into your child’s thoughts and dreams. Make sure they understand that they can use their imagination, but to at least try to stay on topic. You do not want them going off into left field with this. If you find the need to you can give them some phrases to work with, but do not help them too much. The main goal is to allow them to put their personality into their writing.

Expanding the mind of your child is the main goal in teaching them poetry. Children these days need some kind of outlet for their feelings. Many children do not know how to express their feelings to their parents and sometimes when they do it is not in a very well received manner. Times are changing very fast and children are having to grow up to quickly. It is hard for them to figure things out as fast as they need to.

So even though the idea of your child writing poetry may seem like a very weird thing to do, it may be just what they need to help them deal with a problem.

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