The Blogfather dares you to chuck your computer

For over two years, our resident blogfather has survived without actually owning a computer at home. In fact, he’s done so well without it, he’s hardly even used the new laptop he purchased recently. Now he wants to encourage other tech-strapped dads to do the same, for one very important reason:

“Fathers undoubtedly have priorities to manage; the lines are constantly blurred whenever it comes to juggling work and family, what with making sure bills are paid and everyone is fed by making sure clients are happy and bosses are satisfied. But think about this: in the minds of our children, we are their priority.”

The Blogfather’s story is revealed here:

It may seem like a far-fetched idea, but try it for yourself: give yourself a week to start reducing your work-related activities at home, or if you’re braver, just go cold turkey. Your children will love you for it, and you might end up finding out how much you love them back.

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