The Gingerbread Mum: Honeymooning in Hanoi

Remember your honeymoon? Adora does, and very fondly too. The Gingerbread mum takes us along for a trip down Vietnam as she documents the places she and her husband visited in a very enjoyable read:

“… while many of our friends were packing their bags and zipping off to places like Australia, New Zealand and Europe, we chose to spend our honeymoon in Hanoi, Vietnam. Because I mean, seriously, it’s your honeymoon, right? How much of it do you intend to spend out of your hotel room?”

You can read The Gingerbread Mum’s blog entry here:

Hanoi’s unique touch of French influences is well covered in this mum blogger’s penning of her memories. And though their 2 children had yet to be conceived, travelling to such exotic destinations can still be a family affair; with memories of their visit so fresh in their heads, perhaps the couple might consider a family trip armed with the same, familiar iitnerary.

For more of The Gingerbread Mum’s parenting hits and misses, visit:

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