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The Little Things, Cookery class for kids

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity”

In our weekly sessions, our little ones begin by shopping at our in-house supermarket, buying the ingredients they need to produce the fresh and exciting recipe of the week. Together, we ‘ll explore each ingredient and discover how they combine to create a delicious dish.

However, we not only cook at The Little Things, we also encourage our little ones to expand their perspective on food…

Each week, our little ones will also create a fun and exciting craft or experiment made with the ingredients of the week!

The Little Things, cookery class for kids

Cooking is what we love to do at The Little Things!

The love for food inspires the enthusiasm in our little ones in exploring the world around them. It helps them develop social skills in the process, and builds up their confidence and pride, after accomplishing their very own food creations!

So join us at The Little Things and enrich your little ones’ lives with creative, engaging and exploratory cooking classes. Have your child be challenged in a real kitchen to whip up a variety of sweet and savoury dishes on their own.

The little things, cookery class for kids

Believe us, you will be craving to grab a bite yourselves!

Here at The Little Things, we encourage our little ones to be Self-Savvy, honing their independence and self-confidence at a tender age.

Give your child ample room to grow and develop essential skills to become not only a budding cook, but a well-rounded young child!

The Little things, cookery class for kids

The Little Things
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Visit The Little Things website for more info and to book a session.

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