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The lifespan of the Paddlefish, which can be seen at the River Safari, is between 20-50 years which is long for a fish.


Need to take a break from the hectic city life and recharge our batteries? There is no better way to do this, than to plunge into a magical journey through the lush greenery and mystical waters of the River Safari. Here, adventure seekers will discover unique aquatic and terrestrial animals from eight iconic river habitats and river cultures built around them. The Congo, Mississippi, Mekong and Yangtze rivers, the Ganges and the Nile are among the fascinating exhibits that will transport you to a place filled with fascinating creatures, ancient beliefs and new discoveries.

Although the River Safari is in its soft opening phase and not all of the exhibits are available for viewing, there is still plenty for kids to get excited about. The first part of the park is dedicated to the Rivers of The World. Here you will spot stunning animal species such as the Indian gharial, Mekong’s Giant catfish and the Yangtze alligator. This part of the River Safari is mainly representing water habitats, and the bright colours and sometimes, strange shapes of the river dwellers make real feasts for the eyes.

Inevitably, the stars that steal the show are the Giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai. They live in a giant dome, in an environment that mimics their natural habitat. Usually, you can spot Kai Kai eating bamboo while Jia Jia prefers to lie in her den. The dome of the Giant pandas is also home to the Red panda, a little furry friend that shares its relative’s taste for bamboo. The Red pandas can be spotted hanging on the trees or taking a nap; curling their bushy tale around them as they sleep.

A sheltered pathway connects the Rivers of the World and Amazonia. The pathway leads all the way across The Upper Seletar Reservoir, allowing you to reconnect with nature while walking to your next big discovery. The intriguing Wild Amazonia will put your bravery on test with its thrilling river quest. The adventure features a boat ride along the shores of Amazonia, where you can spot all kind of different animals, such as Jaguars, Brazilian Tapir, Guanaco and many more. At publishing time, The Amazonia Quest is not open to the public and the opening date has yet to be set.

The next stop: Squirrel Monkey Forest! The colourful, little monkeys are free to roam, swinging on the trees and eating fruits. If you are brave enough, they can even climb on your arm!

The last exhibit is The Flooded Amazonian River. The place imitates a journey to the deep underground where the trees nestle their roots. The tunnels are dark…lighted only by the aquariums in the walls, thereby creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. The big finale of the River Safari is the largest freshwater aquarium in the world and also the home of the so-called mermaids – the sea cows.

The River Safari is an exciting place for the whole family. Plan your visit and enjoy the variety of amazing animals and set yourself for a journey that will transform you. You will want to come back not only for the interesting rides that are set to open at The Amazonia Quest, but for the magical moments away from city life.

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