The Polliwogs @ East Coast Park: bouncing by the sea

A playground with a sea view; that’s the promise of The Polliwogs at their flagship East Coast Park building. And they do deliver on that promise… sort of.

If you’ve read our review on The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk, expect pretty much the same setup at East Coast Park: a dual-storey indoor play area, ball cannon shootout arena, ball pits, a toddler’s wing and really spacious indoor seating for parents with premium coffee and tea on tap.

What stands out here, though, is their balloon slide situated outside their premises (access is through the indoor play area), and of course, the fact that you’re right next to Singapore’s de facto beachside. While a little worn out, kids won’t know the difference climbing up and bouncing down the balloon slides. It’s the only thing that The Polliwogs can boast of their outdoor play area though; there really isn’t very much else out there.

The interior is still very fresh despite the outlet’s 3 years of operation. The play area is immaculate and well-maintained, and the toddler’s play area is a lot more spacious than the one at Robertson Walk, despite this outlet being smaller in size. There’s even a large 3M interactive projection floor for you and your child to kick away graphic flowers and run through virtual puddles!

The side facing the sea is panelled with glass to maximise the view, but with the canvas roof down and blocking most of the sky, there really isn’t very much seaside to see. But wait! Weather permitting, you can still maximise your enjoyment of chillaxing over the beachfront — outdoor seating is available, and the glass panel wall allows you to track your child’s whereabouts while you’re soaking in the al fresco air.

The toddler play area

You will have to take note of a couple of things while you’re there. Firstly, make sure you accompany your child out to the outdoor bouncing slide, or ask for a staff member to keep an eye out for the children’s safety. Also, if you’re planning a party and want to involve balloons of any sort, their ceiling is decked with ceiling fans so keep the balloon strings short, lest your child’s balloons get caught in the fan’s rotation.

All that being said, the usual rules apply (as with any premium indoor playground): socks for everyone, try not to have messy soiling accidents that require cleaning up, make sure you’re fit enough to clamour after your little one through the tiny play area tunnels. The staff are very welcoming (though you might need to take some effort to mind your children if they seem rather shorthanded).

And most importantly, go in there and have fun with your kid. It’s the best parent-child bonding opportunity you can get, and really the only time a full-grown adult is given license to muck about in a ball pit without being judged.

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