Planning a birthday party for kids


It’s every parents dream and nightmare, to try and plan the perfect birthday party for their child. If budget is not a problem, then calling in the professionals is the easiest and ideal thing to do, but for most of us, money is always a key factor, thus making it almost impossible to hire professionals for the job. If done in a carefully thought out manner, birthday party planning can be an enjoyable experience for all those involved. The key lies in the planning and cooperation of all parties, as this will eventually dictate the success of the whole endeavour. The following are some of the main issues to focus on when considering the task of planning your child’s big day:

  • Perhaps the first thing to do would be to work out a budget. Once this is done, you will be able to design the birthday party accordingly, as the budget will dictate a lot of the choices made.
  • Another important element to consider is the theme you are going to be eventually planning the party around. Your child should ideally be given the opportunity to have a say in the theme choice, after all, it is his/her birthday party.
  • The party food would also have to depend largely on the age group of the guests. This is important to note as serving “complicated” foods to little kids will only end up being a waste when they refuse to eat it.
  • Keeping tract of the guest list is another job that requires strict attention. Ensuring all parties respond to the RSVP in good time will help you estimate the food and venue suitability. This will also dictate the type of activities you intend to have at the birthday party and the party packs you give away as token gifts.
  • When choosing your venue, you should also take into account possible weather changes. Outdoor venues are great but the prevailing heat and possible rain could ruin the whole party experience.
  • Part of having an enjoyable time at the birthday party, should ideally ensure you are not running around like a “headless chicken” trying to get everything done right. Delegating tasks, will allow everyone to breathe easier before, during and after the party. It will also allow you to plan the entire order of activities in a manageable manner.
  • If your menu requires pick ups, deliveries and takeouts, ensure all these orders are confirmed and dates and times locked in. It would be ideal if you can get reliable people to carry out these different tasks on the day of the party, as you will be occupied receiving guests.
  • Make sure there are enough batteries and all equipment to be used, is fully charged and ready. There is nothing sadder, then to, not have the special day on record, simply due to this oversight.
  • Prepare your table setting, party packs, game apparatus, garbage bags and other decorations, hours before the party. This will help you avoid getting into a panic when things do go according to plan.

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