Tips to prepare your child for PSLE

Article by Alan Yip

We’re in the thick of the PSLE examinations, and we all want our kids to do well, especially in the dreaded year of their first major examination. And we’re all familiar with the age old plea: “Can you give me some tips for my exams? To help you answer just that very question, we enlisted the help of educator and author Alan Yip, who has the following invaluable advice to share these tips to prepare your child for PSLE.

Start Early – Be Proactive
After the year-end exam in the current year, let your child take a short break. Then, while his memory is still fresh, take advantage of the holiday period to review materials covered over the year. Your child should take advantage of this golden opportunity to work on his weaker areas and fill in the gaps instead of wasting precious time catching up next year.

Establish Relevance
In a nurturing and non-judgmental manner, discuss with your child what her aspirations are in terms of which secondary school, junior college or university she wants to join. This will help to reinforce the importance and relevance of studying hard and getting good grades, so that she can achieve her goals.

Divide And Conquer
Discipline your child to take some time every day to review manageable chunks of material. Avoid being over-zealous in trying to cram too much information on a given day as this will add unnecessary stress and set your child back instead. Build up the steady momentum over time for consistent results and more effective time management.

Anticipate Ahead
During the holidays, your child should glance over past exam papers to familiarise himself with the format and types of questions asked so that he has a mental picture of what to expect and is very well-prepared for the style that will be used in questioning.

Plan, Plan, Plan…
Start preparing for the big exam at the beginning of the year. Devise a practical and realistic timetable to help your child get the most out of the time he has available.

Set Goals
You must get your child to write his goals down on paper and then post them up in visible locations around the house and especially in his study area. This will serve as a visual reminder not to get distracted and also as a form of encouragement for your child to keep working hard. You may also want to consider putting up posters with positive messages or pictures of the school your child wishes to attend to intensify her desire.

Rhythmic Review
Your child must start early on to leverage on the effect of locking in information in his memory reliably. Get your child to do a quick review of the key points on a new topic or a revision topic in one hour, one day, one week, one month and six months so that the knowledge he has acquired is repeatedly brought to the forefront of his memory for easy access.

Study With Friends
Encourage your child to form a study group with keen and motivated students. Such positive peer influence and pressure will spur your child to work harder and stay focused on his goals.

Positive Visualisation
Encourage your child to visualise in his mind past successes and how they made him feel. Use all senses: see, hear and feel! Then get your child to see himself achieving his desired results for the exams. Guide him to experience and “live” mentally the results of his success and how happy and proud he is to receive his grades.

It is also essential that you practice balance. Make sure your child has enough time to do sports, play with his friends, watch television and engage himself in other things that interest him as well, so that he does not experience a “burn out” and has a holistic learning and developmental experience.

Alan Yip is the Founder and Peak Performance Coach of MIND EDGE, as well as a passionate educator, cutting edge entrepreneur and one of the most dynamic, powerful and humorous speakers in Asia. With over 20 years of experience, he is dedicated to empowering others to realise their highest potential for success in school, work and life.

His achievements in Singapore include:

Author of best-selling FUNtastic Parenting in 2008
Record Holder (Memory Power), Singapore Book Of Records
Coach of the first and only Grandmaster Norm of Memory in Singapore
Coach of the Singapore Memory Team,
which represented Singapore in the 2004 World Memory Championships (U.K.).
His achievements in the U.S.A. include:

Voted Best MBA Speaker and elected as the first-ever non-American President of the Indiana Personnel Association (U.S.A.)
Received the honourable appointment to be a Human Rights Commissioner (U.S.A.)
Consultant to design and development of system improvements for a top-5 global pharmaceutical company in America
Designed and implemented powerful public relations, low-cost/high-impact marketing, effective leadership, customer delight, impact presentation, win-win negotiation, revenue generation and business growth strategies for small and medium enterprises in America

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