Top 5 exciting alternative sports for kids

Badminton, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball. Everyone knows all about the traditional, popular sports offered in schools and centres. Today, we want to encourage parents to step off the beaten path and let their children try out some of Singapore’s best alternative sports for kids. While some of them remain relatively obscure, these sports are not at all lacking in fun or physicality when placed alongside their better known peers. Think of it as a ‘Singapore’s best kept secrets’- sports edition.


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Andrenaline-junkie parents ahoy! Wakeboarding has been quietly gaining popularity in Singapore. With easy access to beaches and waterways, more and more Singaporeans have taken to riding the waves around our sunny island. Check out Ski360, Singapore's first Cable-Ski Park , which uses a cable system that goes continuously around a lagoon. Within an enclosed body of water, parents can be assured that kids will enjoy all the fun of wakeboarding, without the risk of tides, deep water and other dangers associated with sea-sports.



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