Top 5 places for Christmas logcakes

Logcakes are the quintessential Christmas treat, we check out where to get the absolute best ones in Singapore for your upcoming Christmas party.

For the Traditionalist

There’s nothing quite like a traditional log cake to signal Christmas. And at Ritz Carlton they give you a choice whatever your palette. They are offering five different Christmas log cakes that will appeal to everyone. Go for the Chestnut and Mirabelle Plum Mousse with Hazelnut Dacquoise ($68); or the Coffee Mousse Hazelnut Creme Sacher Sponge and Sable ($80). Yummmy!

For the Chocoholic
This Vintage 72% Nutty Yule Logcake, packs a crunch with a Digestive cookie fondant base packed with raisins and roasted almond flakes in 72% chocolate Araguani mousse.

Priced at $52, you can get this yummy treat at Shangri-la.

For the Unconventional
For something different and whimsical, head to Canele for their interesting and festive bowling-ball sized Christmas Bauble (aptly named ‘Bauble’) – a fully edible chocolate shell that comes in four different colours and filled with all kinds of treats. Guaranteed to be a hit with all the tots as it’s kinda like an edible pinata (break it open to discover even more Christmas goodies such as truffles gingerbread and nutty snowflakes!)

Each bauble is priced at $108 and can be ordered at any Canele Pattiserie outlets in Singapore.

For the Vegan
Even vegans love cake and they’re not forgotten here with this 16 mini logs gift set, which is a delightful take on the classic Logcake.

This comes in 2 flavours – walnut and cranberry, and feature 16 mini log cakes. It’s perfect as a gift for friends and colleagues. But we suggest you get two sets as you will want one just for your very own!

These cakes can be found at Delcie’s Desserts and are priced at $68 per gift set.

For the one with lots of Muslim friends
Traditionally, one of the main ingredients in log cakes is alcohol, from kirsh soaked cherries to rum. So if you’re planning a Christmas office party and you have Muslim colleagues, why not get a halal logcake.

Currently there are many bakeries who offer this Christmas special but our favourite has to be Coffee Bean’s Classic Log Cake and at a promotional price of $36, it’s definitely a steal!


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