Top 5 places to shop for Christmas gifts

If you are stressing out over what gifts to get for your loved ones this coming Christmas, stress no more because we have decided to make your life a bit easier. Here are 5 shops you should visit if you want to stay on your budget but still send your loved ones over the moon.
Top 5 places (Not listed in any particular order)

1.      Toy R Us

No one knows kids better than the friendly folks at Toys “R” Us and you can be assured that there will definitely be something in Toys R Us which will make your child squeal with delight. Conveniently located at 7 branches across Singapore, this toy megastore houses a large range of toys which will cater to any child. Parents will be glad to know that Toys R Us is offering numerous Christmas deals and promotions during this period.

Toys R Us is presenting large ridiculous discounts going up to 40% to 50% off selected items ranging from action figures to dolls. The megastore is also offering ‘Buy 1 get 1 free’ and other similar deals which will help to lessen the strain on your wallet when getting gifts for several children.

Free toys are also on offer subjected to certain terms and conditions. In fact there are just way too many deals and promotions available at Toys R Us it is impossible for us to list every single one of them. So in order to know the full details of their Christmas deals just visit their website or head down to any of their branches. But beware; you will probably be overwhelmed by the large array of Christmas offers.

2.      Precious Thots

Housed in [email protected], this cosy little shop offers a large range of delectable gifts and greeting cards. Priced at affordable prices, the shop offers Christmas worthy products ranging from Christmas cards to mugs and other unique gifts. In line with the Christmas spirit, Precious Thots is offering numerous promotions ranging from discounts going up to 50% to free gift sets!

3.      Times Bookstores

Times Bookstore doesn’t just offer books, there are numerous other items housed in this bookshop which make a great Christmas gift. Times Bookstores are offering numerous deals including a 20% discount off all discounted pens and Kids Treasures Products.

If you are not still unsure of what present to get for someone, why not get them a gift voucher so they can decide for themselves? You can buy Times bookstores vouchers in denominations of S$5, S$10, S$20, S$50 so you can be assured that your loved one will love their gift since they are the ones who will be choosing it! There are numerous branches spread out across Singapore ranging from the Tampines outlet in the heartlands to the stores in town such as the one in Plaza Singapura and the Paragon to make your Christmas shopping that much more convenient.

4.      Marks and Spencer

If you have no clue on what Christmas gift to get, then heading down to Marks and Spencer would be your best bet. This huge department store houses a large range of products ranging from clothes to shoes and bags, there is definitely something there for anyone. They have sections allocated to men, women and kids to help make your Christmas shopping easier so as long as you shop for your gift within the appropriate section, you won’t go wrong. There are nine outlets primarily located with the town area so just head down there now and you never know what awesome gift you may stumble upon.

5.      Gramophone

Everyone loves music and the best place to get it is at Gramophone. Gramophone houses a large range of music records including more obscure ones which would not be found in other music stores. Although downloading music is now all the rage, nothing compares to that awesome feeling of holding an actual album in your hand. Plus, Gramophone is offering promotions including a chance to win an Ipad. So who knows, apart from walking away with an awesome record, you might just get more than you bargained for if you win an Ipad as well!

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