Top 5 things to do during school holidays

Now that the school holidays are here, trying to occupy your kids have become a common worry among parents. But fear not, we provide you with 5 activities so that your children can create some fond memories with you, which they will look back in time to come, with a smile on their face.

5 things to do

1.       Go on a vacation

Take this opportunity to bring the whole family for an overseas trip. Plan your vacation early so you will be able to enjoy a better deal. There are numerous family friendly destinations which you can go to at affordable prices. Some popular examples include Disneyland in Hong Kong or the Genting Highlands in Malaysia. If you are willing to spend more money, you can travel further away and visit the Gold Coast in Australia!

2.       Catch a movie!

There are numerous exciting movies coming out during the school holidays so why not catch a movie with your kid during the December holidays? Some movies to look out for include:

             -The Hobbit, released December 13th
The Hobbit is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Filled with monsters and magic, the fantasy world will allow your child to indulge in the world of hobbits, elves and wizards. However the violent scenes and theme make this movie more suitable for the older children so it is not advisable to bring your young kids to the cinema for this epic blockbuster.

–          Life of Pi

             This movie is directed by Academy Award winning director Lee Ang and tells the tale of a boy called Pi who gets stranded on a boat with a tiger. It is a powerful story of faith and survival suitable for the entire family including the young ones since there is a lack of profanity and sexual themes.

–          Rise of the Guardians

               If you haven’t already caught this movie with your kids, now is the time to catch this animated film before it ends. This 97 minute film will be a sure hit with your kids as it transforms many classic characters like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny into heroic ‘Guardians’.

3.       Watch Incanto!

        Magic is always a big hit with the kids so why not take your child to watch ‘Incanto’ which features a thrilling magic show which will blow your children’s minds away with their spectacular illusions and magic tricks.

4.       Visit free attractions

      Yes it is possible to enjoy yourself without spending money. Take your kid to visit attractions which provide free admission.
Some examples include:

-Tan Moh Hong Crocodile farm
Located at an old bungalow at Upper Serangoon road, it is a great bargain to see live crocodiles for free!

-Fire Station Open House
Not many people are aware that fire stations (Except for the Jurong one) hold an Open House every Saturday! Take your children to visit the Fire Station and where they can participate in all kinds of activities from trying on the firemen’s uniform to taking photos with the firemen.

-Changi Airport
Surprisingly, Changi Airport can be a fun destination for your child as well. Visit the Changi Aviation gallery to learn how an airport functions and there are even slides for your kids to play on.

5.       Tourist attractions

Singapore has numerous tourist attractions which don’t just cater to foreigners but locals as well. Bring your kid to the Zoo or visit Universal Studios or the Singapore Flyer. There are so many different tourist attractions to explore and the long school holidays give you the perfect opportunity to do just that.



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