Trick your kid to go to school

Do you remember waking up every morning feeling incredibly excited to go to school? We certainly don’t. It was more like a dread of dragging our sleepy heads to class. So, we have some tips to help perk and motivate your kids to want to go to school. Yes, we are geniuses!

Tips to make your kid excited about going to school

1. Overcome their natural reluctance, if any, by making school sound like tons of fun. Right from the very minute your kid wakes up, talk about school in a casual manner. It is very important not to overdramatize the situation nor sound apologetic about it. Talk to him/her like it is a natural part of the day.

2. Involve your kid in the getting-ready process. You could say, while choosing clothes: “What would my darling like to wear to school today?” You could also ask your kid to make and pack lunch, or even pick out the shoes for the day.

3. Allow your kid to pick a special item or toy to bring with him/her to school to show to the teacher or other students.

4. Come up with a “pre-school” and “post-school” routine. You could even play a special “going to school” song on the way to school. Or stop by a coffeeshop for a quick breakfast together. Perhaps you could stop by a play ground or a park after school, or pick up a smoothie after school is out.

5. It would also be fun to learn the names of the children at school, especially the ones that your kid hangs out with. Then you can work them into your “pre school” spin. It never hurts to know who your kid is playing with in school to control influences.

6. When you find out about your kid’s weekly schedule, you can “talk up” or play up the activities that he/she will be partaking in that day. Excite your kid by saying, “It’s going to be a great day today because it is Cookie-baking/Story-telling/Arts and craft/Music day!” Using an emphatic tone will definitely do the trick. Hype it!

7. You could also boost his/her day by saying that it is a special “wishing” day for every kid who attends school that day—and when you eventually pick him/her up, let them make a wish for something reasonable.

8. When you take your child shopping for “school stuff”—lunchbox, backpack, pencil case, a new dress—it creates fun atmosphere that makes your kid look forward to something new. Let them pick the stuff according to their tastes, no matter how gaudy or kiddy it may seem to you—just allow them that luxury of choosing. A Cookie Monster lunchbox or a Dora the Explorer backpack could be a great motivator.

9. Ask your kid to help you make a special “school map” that will be the guide of the route that you take to school everyday. Keep the map in a special place and get your kid to take it out because you desperately need his/her help in remembering how to get to school. It makes him/her feel important.

10. Take note that if your child is overly resistant to school, it could be an indication that your kid is bored, anxious, afraid or even intimidated. You’ll have to get to the bottom of the matter and deal with the cause—not just flit around the symptoms. It could be a bigger problem than you imagine.

OK…good luck! Always remember to be sure that your kid eats a healthy breakfast and enough sleep the night before. You might want to consider adding vitamins to your kid’s morning routine. As you may have experienced, low energy makes leaving the house very challenging.

written by Felicia Chin

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