Trip to the Park

One of the many outdoor activities we enjoy is going to the parks for strolls, or in Blake’s case, runs. The closest park to our place, which is just across the road, is the infamous Bedok Reservoir Park.



On days when the weather is good (not too hot and windy), and the husband is on his way home, I will bring Blake to the park to run and play after a day at preschool.



Blake particularly likes sitting on the swing, with minimal movement. I would love to give him a good swing, but my boy prefers to swing with his own might, using his own body to move the swing. Haha.



The walk home is also a fun time to explore for Blake. The huge drain next to the path of the park connector always has a surprise or two for us whenever we walk pass it.



Sometimes we will see a variety of bird species in a single walk home – most of which I have no idea of the species. Sometimes we will see toads, and most of the time, cats and dogs!


The only problem I have with this particular park? The playground is just a sand pit and 2 swings. There ought to be a proper playground that is huge for children to enjoy!



But right now, whatever they have is sufficient for Blake, because all he needs is a place to run free with the wind.


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