Valentine’s day gift ideas


It’s that time of the year again, and guys and gals are busy cracking their brains, to come up with the “wow” gift that will make their partners or loved ones eyes pop and hearts melt. If money is no problem, then you have a whole ocean worth of choices available, and the most popular choice should ideally be diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. However, if you are like me, and money is in constant shortage, then the following gift ideas, should help you score some mega points with your loved ones. In the quest to come up with something that is not the usual mundane and boring gift, looking into gifts that are unique will show that you have put a lot of thought into the exercise. We have a list of Valentine’s day gift ideas just for you.


  • For most people today, and that includes the macho man, jewellery is a sure winner. However, in wanting to be different you could get a special something engraved into the piece of jewellery chosen. The engraving, should be significant to the loved one, and you will certainly be praised for the added touching idea.
  • If you have never taken the trouble to observe the particular occasion, then planning anything romantic will certainly pleasantly shock your loved one. The mere fact that you took the trouble and time to acknowledge and plan the whole event or gift will be appreciated more than the actual gift itself.
  • There are a lot of specialty shops selling all kinds of ornaments, vases and bottles. Find something that is really unique and write a loving message and insert it into the vessel. You could even insert tickets to a special event or gift vouchers. Although this may seem lazy to some, the fact that the vessel was carefully picked, because of it’s pretty or ornate features, it will be happily received.

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  • Planning a short romantic break is another great idea and if you plan ahead you can usually get some really good deals with all the trimmings for a lot less cost. There are many overnight packages available on the internet and they are usually cheap and easy to book.
  • Planning a day at the spa for both you and your loved one, will be a well-received gift option, especially, if a well-needed break is something both of you need. The relaxing and romantic mood will help set the tone for a happy future for both of you.
  • Making up a list of things that your loved one would appreciate you doing for them, without having to be told and sticking to the commitment of carrying out all the items listed, is also another gift that does not incur much cost. Who knows, you may even enjoy doing these things so much, that, it could eventually turn into a good habit and your loved one will be eternally grateful and happy to experience.


In the end, the most important message you would ideally want to convey with your gift is, just how much you love the other person and how much you value them in your life.

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