Visit Changi City Point


This place is convenient to go for those living in the east. But of course if you are driving or don’t mind taking public transportation, then you probably want to check this kid-friendly shopping centre out.



The shopping centre is relatively new and I have been there a couple of times with my son, Dominic, and my husband.


There are times when I just don’t feel like squeezing among the crowds along Orchard Road (not with a big diaper bag and stroller), but still want to be able to do some window shopping, Changi city point seems like the best choice.


And how is it kid-friendly?


This mall is very spacious and benches are placed conveniently across every other shop. Just prep yourself down with the baby when it’s time for some milk-feeding.


Baby shopping is also a breeze here if you want to get some nice clothing, shoes and even toys for your little one. There are plenty of shops around. Your little one needs a haircut? Baby Spa is just around the corner! And their hairdressers are experienced and skillful.


This is where I bring my son for a haircut every time and they always ‘get it done and over with’ within 10mins.


Dominic hates this and whenever he hears the shaver goes ‘buzzzzzz’, he will scream his lungs out but the hairdresser is quite skillful as she is able to do it steadily and quickly even though Dominic is making such a ruckus and keeps fidgeting around.


Their basement is like a food haven. I believe baby chairs are available in most of the restaurants there. And there’s also this big atrium surrounded by the restaurants and stalls, where you can let your kids and toddlers run about freely.



There is a big children tunneling playground (with mini coloured balls) at the most upper level so you can actually drop off your kids there when they are older and you can do your own shopping at peace before picking them up.


Overall, I like this nice and clean environment, definitely a place for families and parents with kiddos but not hippie youngsters because they would find it boring very quickly.


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