Learning from Dora the explorer

Dora the Explorer is a wonderful teaching tool you can use to keep your child occupied in an informative and worthwhile manner. Most grandparents frown upon the action of “plonking” a child in front of the television for long periods of time but with Dora the Explorer, even they, will not be able to find fault with your choice. The following points are just some of the immediate benefits your child will be able to enjoy from spending sometime watching Dora the Explorer:


  • From the very beginning of each episode, Dora ensures your child is aware of where their adventure is taking them. This is an important point as kids are always asking the “Where” question. This teaches your child how to be creative while still keeping to the point.
  • Then Dora proceeds to inform your child periodically, throughout the episode on the progress made towards the end goal – the destination. Here too Dora addressed the important question of “are we there yet?” this keeps your child’s interest “looked in”. Here your child learns how to keep tabs and inform on the progress made.
  • The creative manner in which Dora the Explorer’s programs are designed, allows your child to stay attentive. Similarly, your child will learn how to present information in an attention grabbing format that will ensure everyone pays attention when he/she is talking.
  • Your child will also learn another invaluable lesson, which is how to create understanding in a simple and point focused manner. This is important as most adults are not really interested in listening to kids and usually jump at the first chance to distract the child.
  • Most children watching Dora the Explorer have been able to enhance their information retention skills. This is probably due to the fact that Dora’s shows are dotted with questions throughout, thus forcing your child to learn how to remember facts and other bits of information.
  • If you want your child to be able to recall information easily, Dora the Explorer is a good tool to use. Retaining information and being able to recall it instantly will certainly help in your child’s future years, especially during exams.
  • Your child will also benefit from the wealth of information learnt through Dora the Explorer. As a parent you may not have the time or a reservoir of knowledge to pass on to your child, and this show helps your child gain knowledge in a fun way.

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